We Promise Positive Change

“So, what does this have to do with the Village and the Board of Directors?  In almost all situations the Board should be on the side of the majority of the property owners.   For situations where they are not, the Board must be able to explain their decisions in a very logical, clear and understandable manner.  There should never be any phony marketing spin by a highly paid PR firm. ” – Vote THREE for HSV BOD (Tormey Campagna, Diana Podawiltz & Lloyd Sherman)

Polls taken only of people who are like-minded are of no value.  There must always be precautions taken to ensure that polls reflect a diverse cross section of residents.  Polling questions must be carefully worded NOT to engender the desired response.  Our CEO (General Manager) stated at a recent Board meeting that a majority of the property owners (residents) support the new pool.  Most of us know this is not the case and certainly not for a $1.2 million expenditure. 

Major changes in the Village’s design, like those within the CMP, should never have been voted on, approved, or an implementation schedule adopted by the Board of Directors alone.  There should have been a vote of all the property owners.  The “Charrettes” were a prime example of faulty polling, basically a charade.  Furthermore, we did not need a CMP to tell us that deferred maintenance must be addressed.  That is a simple management responsibility.

Vote Three for HSV Board of Director Candidates,  Lloyd Sherman, Diana Podawiltz and Tormey Campagna

You can rest assured that, as Board members, Vote Three for HSV BOD candidates will listen to both sides of an issue, not just what our friends think.  Not only will we listen, we will also seek out and evaluate all of the alternatives, opinions and merits.  This includes the financial, technical and emotional aspects of every proposal before us including all risks and possible unintended consequences.

However, making this happen will require a dramatic increase in the number of open meetings with property owner input.  All Board members must make a concerted effort to engage property owners in both small and large groups.  The now infamous “2-minute rule” being used at Board meetings must cease.  Juvenile question cards must go away.  Such restrictions in no way allow sufficient or timely opportunity for many to ask their questions, get their points across or obtain adequate answers.   And this is just the beginning.

We Promise Positive Change!