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Lake Cortez, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

One of 11 Beautiful Lakes in Hot Springs Village

Hot Springs Village, a little slice of heaven on earth, is home to 11 beautiful lakes. It is a dream come true for fishermen, boaters, kayakers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. Water lovers take note, as a result of our extensive lake system, we can probably accommodate your water recreational needs at one of our beautiful lakes in Hot Springs Village. Lake Cortez, home to many ducks, turtles, fish and a myriad of other creatures, plays an integral part in the lake system, helping to provide a balance of natural vs man-made in the village.

Wonderful Pavilion at Lake Cortez

Lake Cortez is one of our favorite spots in Hot Springs Village. Because of the wonderful addition of the pavilion and strategically placed benches and handy boat ramp, the balance of peaceful tranquility and manmade creations co-exist in harmony providing an enjoyable recrecation experience. In many places you look in the Village, the natural setting is enhanced with manmade improvements, like the pavilion.

Many people use the spacious pavilion for large family gatherings and picnics for clubs. Or you can just take a rest from your hike or fishing expedition and experience the cool of the shade on a hot summer’s day, while you enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Cortez. So be sure you come prepared with your beverage of choice and snack, while you sit a spell.

“Lake Cortez is a 245-acre lake, located in the beautiful gated community of Hot Springs Village. Cortez has a sand (pebble) beach, pavilion, grills, restrooms and picnic tables. The shaded area provides an ideal spot for picnics or relaxing.” – Hot  Springs Village Property Owners Association 

Lake Cortez, located off of Carmona Road, also has a boat ramp, fireplace, PA system, and volleyball equipment. Because the speed limit on Lake Cortez is 30 mph, we are mindful and respectful of the many beautiful surrounding lake front properties. As a result, we are able to provide a peaceful and pleasurable environment for recreational users and property owners alike.

All the Lakes for Recreational Purposes, But One

All of our lakes, except one, are for recreational purposes, and also result in the enhancement of the natural setting and beautiful surroundings of Hot Springs Village. There is nothing quite like a lake view of our beautiful lakes, nestled among the wooded, rolling and mountainous terrain. It is a vision you will never forget, no matter which lake you choose to visit, whether it be Lake Cortez or another.

The one exception to the recreational use of our lakes is Lake Lago which is the Village water reservoir. So in order to preserve and protect the pristine and crystal clear water supply of HSV, people and boats are not allowed at any time. This results in a pure and clean water supply for the whole of the Village.

Debra Probus has this to say about Cortez Beach:

“Great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery! The beach and water are very clean. Lots of pebbles instead of sand. Wear water shoes or sandals if you don’t want to walk on the stones. Several picnic tables and benches, as well as a grill and restrooms. Parking is sufficient. The beach is located in a housing area, so drive slow and responsibly. Have fun!”

Hot Springs Village is not only a retirement community but welcomes visitors and residents of all ages and walks of life. So, please come visit us, a “Thousands Point of Light Community” and maybe you may decide to make the Village your permanent home, too. Come and call on us, because we know no strangers in Hot Springs Village!

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