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Village Homes & Land Overall Production

Written by Lloyd Sherman, May 13, 2019

VILLAGE HOMES & LAND OVERALL PRODUCTION – Below is a document reflecting the total production of VH&L over their history. As you can see, they have generated $78,853.25 in commissions over their period of existence (which is now right at two years). In most agencies that commission amount would be split with the selling agent, with the brokerage keeping the other half. Because we don’t know the details of their comp plans, we can assume as they are on salaries that this number would all be considered revenue.

Please note that the second category has two sold homes. As I understand it, these are ones built through the Builders Guild and then sold by Remax. Rumor has it that the 9 Hendaye home was sold right after the builder left the Guild and re-listed it with ReMax.

The third category is basically new homes that have contracts on them and are pending closing but several of them show close dates much later this year (brand new construction most likely).

Again, not knowing how revenues are recognized for any of this operation to include the Discovery Center, the above number appears to be all that can be attributed to VH&L. Discovery Packages are pass-through revenues and costs, so I don’t see any revenue gained due to that program, except for maybe the amenity revenue.

Other real estate brokerages not on even playing field with VH&L

The other brokerages in the area could offer similar packages as offered through the Discovery Center, but we are not on an even playing field with the services provided by the POA package. This does not seem to be in the best interest of the Village and may all get litigated as part of the potential lawsuit that is now pending. Whether it can be proved that the Sherman Anti-trust laws have been broken, I do believe we have a restraint of trade issue and this was bound to rear its ugly head at some point.

Village Homes & Land production since inception 2011-2013

Hot Springs Village Board Candidate Lloyd Sherman
Lloyd Sherman, Hot Springs Village Property Owner

Written by Lloyd Sherman, May 13, 2019

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