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Upcoming HSVPOA Board Election

By Patrick McCarthy, February 5, 2020

My Vote and Yours – the Upcoming Board Election

Like a lot of you, I’m focused on the upcoming Board election. Why? Because it’s the single most important matter affecting “if, when and how the Village moves forward”. A long version of how we got where we are could be written, but for now, I’m going to present a Reader’s Digest version. The in-depth version would have more background and some detailed explanation of how we got where we are, etc. For now, this is the short version.

When all is said and done this election is quite simple. You either believe we are on the right path or you believe we have gone astray and the Board/POA are working against what most owners want for the Village. After all, we chose Hot Springs Village as a place to live, based on what it is, not some dream of what it could become.

On our Board of 7, it takes 4 votes to carry any issue. Therefore, in order to achieve goals of sound fiscal management, maintaining our infrastructure, aligning our upper-level employees to our needs and returning the Village to us, the owners, we need a Board with at least four like-minded directors. Three won’t work. We have to elect three and those three, along with Diana Podawiltz will make the four.

Hey, it’s a simple choice. Either the Board/POA know what’s best for us or we do. Even when we, the owners, pushed back as we did on the Declaration vote the Board did not listen. Let’s face it all 13 issues went down to defeat, maybe even against our own interest. The Board did not listen then and they are still not listening. They have not heard the owners and continue to act as if they know best. “Forward together” is their slogan; maybe it should be “forward no matter what”.

Maybe you agree with the Board/POA or maybe you don’t. If you do not, for any of a number of reasons, then the upcoming election is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Let me explain what I mean.

Keeping the above in mind, we have five candidates running for the Board this time – Nikki Choyce, Kirk Denger, Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro, and Dick Garrison.

Nikki Choyce is the Chair of the Comprehensive Master Plan Advisory Committee (CMPAC or CMP for short), so she is solidly a Board/POA ally. If you want change you have to reject a vote for her.

As to Kirk Denger, he is a nice person and wants change, but I think he is not the best choice at this time.

None of this is personal or complicated; there are simply only three people running for the Board of Directors who are on the same page and will lead our Village back to where, I think, most owners want it to be. Based on varied careers, I believe Lloyd, Tucker, and Dick (LTD) possess the skills and determination to get us back on track, and will.

Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro, and Dick Garrison, while not campaigning as a slate are solidly committed to change. They say so and I believe it. The three all have diverse skill sets and different backgrounds which will be assets to the Board. They are also like-minded on many issues, which we need at this time. Lloyd, Tucker, and Dick (LTD) are a no brainer choice for me and I hope for you too. They, with Diana, will make the four votes we need to change our Village and take it in a more positive direction.

Remember, you get to vote for three. Lloyd, Tucker, and Dick (LTD) will be my choice for positive change! I hope each of you will think about what you want for the Village, sufficiently inform yourself and vote to get to FOUR – “Four for the owners”!

It’s really the only way change can happen in the Village and we can get back to the peaceful community we deserve to be. Remember, your vote matters and this election is beyond crucial.

Patrick McCarthy
Email: pat_mccarthy@juno.com

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