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Tucker Talks – Episode 2

Tucker Omohundro Interview – Tucker Talks, Episode Two – Real Estate Business (Village Homes and Land and Builders Guild)

HSVPOA censored Tucker Omohundro on Facebook for telling the truth

Note:  This article is second in a four-part series of “Tucker Talks”.  Tucker Omohundro, is a quality custom home builder in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. He posted a comment on October 28, 2018, on the Hot Springs Village POA Facebook page before the Declarations Vote. This post was quickly removed, but not before others saw his comment and made their own comments. Wash, rinse and repeat. This happened three times before Tucker decided to post three comments on his own Facebook page, where he would not be censored. (Please see text with the beige background color below.) Please refer to episode one for this to make sense. You may want to bookmark this website so you are sure not to miss the rest of this series.

A little background on Village Homes and Land

Village Homes and Land is a subsidized department in the HSVPOA structure, around which swirls much controversy and confusion.  Why do we have this branch? If it is not profitable, why do property owners continue to subsidize this operation? Is it fair to the independent realtors to subsidize with their assessments, an operation that is in direct competition with their own livelihood?

HSVPOA’s Builder Guild

There is also much disagreement as to the advisability of the HSVPOA starting and supporting a Builder’s Guild, where only two builders are promoted.  The POA recommends clients to only these two Builder Guild builders. Is this fair to the other builders in the community or is this a monopoly?  

Tucker’s second post

This is Tucker Omohundro’s second post, which he originally made on his own Facebook page, subsequent to the censoring that was occurring on the HSVPOA Facebook page.

 Ok, we decided we can let one person spend several hundred thousand dollars and go into the real estate business. I would love to hear if anyone on the board or the CEO would have invested the first dollar of their own money in this endeavor. (We know that answer.) Can’t wait to see the books on this. But of course, it is all hidden under marketing. A local realtor told me about a proposal they presented to the POA. It was a three or four-tier pricing for our lots. Sounded like a great plan, and it cost the POA no marketing cost. What’s amazing is they were told “no”. Why?

This brings me to another subject. The POA is spending my money to advertise and promote my competition, the Builders Guild. They only show homes constructed by the builders in the guild, and I think, occasionally, some resale. I do have new property owners to back this up if it is disputed. (That truth thing again.) Ok, now do you really understand the CEO’s agenda??? Real Estate Office, Builders, Developer Plan. (Opinion) If she can pull the vote off, it will not be long till we (realtors/builders) will be pushed out of the village, if we are not paying or working for the POA. Think about this for a minute, Cooper could have done this from the start. Truth as I know it, Cooper did not because giving customers no choice, would be a recipe for failure.

I could go into the management and poor choices of that management, but I think I am done for now. I will be glad to try and answer any questions you have. If the truths I presented and my opinions have not made you think, well as they say, you can’t fix …..

PS. I think I have one more thing that most will like to hear.

Written by Cheryl Dowden

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