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HSVPOA VH&L Survey Results

Written by Cheryl Dowden, June 20, 2019

This HSVPOA VH&L survey was conducted from June 1, 2019, through June 19, 2019, and had a total of 356 responses. Not all respondents responded to all questions. Responses per question are noted in the left-hand corner of each graphic.  Distribution of the survey was through Facebook, Next Door and a limited number of email addresses.

Conducting online surveys within a retired community can be more difficult as many of this generation do not use computers, or use it on a limited basis. In Hot Springs Village results can also vary as a huge perceived attitude of apathy seems to exist and many who moved here to retire want to stay in their retirement state and not be involved.

Seven questions were asked on this survey and the graphics below reflect the responses of the respondents. Note: comments made are those of the author of this document and are not comments received via the online survey.

Note: The establishment of this operating unit set up a hostile competition with the local brokerages.

Note: 30% of respondents did not know that this entire operation is fully funded by their POA assessments, including salaries to ALL personnel. In the real estate industry, agents are paid on commission based on results and not on salaries with benefits. 

Note: In an industry driven by commissions, salaried employees have no motivation to follow up leads as someone who makes their living by producing results.

Note: HSVPOA should focus on their core business which is maintenance and infrastructure, while marketing and attracting new property owners. Leave the specialty businesses to the professionals

Note: Not only not fair, but the formation of this department has also created unfair trade practices and created a hostile competition with the real estate community.

Note: Again why should property owner assessments be utilized for a function that was, and is, being handled by the real estate community using their resources and not the funds of property owners.

Note: When you consider that the majority of, or nearly the majority of, all the sold activities for this unit would most likely have occurred in the normal course of business through the real estate community, then there is no cost justification for this department.

Thank you to all the Villagers that participated in this survey. Results will be sent to the HSVPOA Board Directors and HSVPOA management.

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