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Tormey Campagna – HSV Board Candidate

Some Background

My name is Tormey Campagna. I am a candidate for Hot Springs Village Board Of Directors.  My wife Chris and I have lived in the Village for the past 9 years.  We purchased our first lot in 2000 when we came as guests of Chris’s brother on a package deal.  Every year after that we visited for a week at different times of the year.  When we retired in 2009 we put our home in a suburb of Chicago up for sale and moved into a rental in the Village until our current home was completed in April of 2010.

Tormey several years ago at Ron Fellows Corvette Driving School – he was even winning races then.

I am an avid golfer and enjoy being able to golf all year around.  I have served on the HSV Golf Committee.  We also enjoy the Concert Series and other performances at the Woodland each year.

Tormey Campagna Qualifications

I retired from a 40-year career in corporate America.  I was in upper management for most of those years, as well as, having my own technology leasing company.  In addition, to my professional experience I was President of a POA for 8 years in a suburb of Chicago and Vice President of a Townhome Association for 2 years in a suburb of Minneapolis.  I have attended numerous Hot Springs Village Board meetings to become familiar with the issues, and the needs of the Village to continue growing in a fiscally responsible manner.  My past experience in managing both managers and individual contributors coupled with my people skills, contract negotiating experience, and my financial knowledge will be an asset to the POA board.

Tormey Campagna Committment

I believe that the POA needs to do considerably more due-diligence before spending the property owner’s money.  We have seen too many situations where our monies have been wasted.  Our amenities and facilities need to be in top condition so we continue to be a place to visit, vacation and attract new residents.  I am fiscally conservative yet committed to growing our Village by using the talents of those that live here, rather than outsourcing agreements and running up large consulting fees.

“As one of your directors, I will actively participate and monitor that the majority of property owners both residents and non-residents goals are discussed in open sessions and not behind closed doors.  Property owners should become aware of and investigate the policies and practices of current Board members to fully understand all pros and cons before making their ballot decisions.” – Tormey Campagna

The Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) must be thoroughly reviewed and major areas where the majority of property owners have concern or find fault must be addressed and potentially abandoned.  The Board and POA staff need to operate like a community where openness is a standard of operation.  We need true fiscal responsibility and we need to restore balance between the Board and the POA management.

I respectfully ask for your vote in the upcoming 2019 Board of Directors election.  For further information please visit my website.

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