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HSV Board of Directors Election

Golden Opportunity HSV Board Election

Written by Cheryl Dowden
Lloyd Sherman, HSV Board of Director Election Candidate Mans the Helm for smooth cruising ahead as he steers his boat into clearer waters.
Lloyd Sherman HSV BOD Candidate Mans the Helm for Smooth Cruising Ahead

The upcoming HSV Board of Directors Election is extremely important. It is imperative that we elect a responsive and responsible HSV Board of Directors because that is our ONLY hope of ever turning this around and regaining control of our community. The bottom line is we need a strong Board, and not only strong, but the BOD candidates must also have skills. Strength without skills would result in an ineffective board.

We must carefully vet the candidates

1. Do they have the tenacity to go against the CEO, when she is wrong? That is important. But sometimes being a “pit bull” is not enough.

2. Even more important than this is, do they have the willingness and fortitude to actually do the work required and research the issues and not just listen to “final recommendations” from the CEO? Not all of them do. It is a LOT of work to keep on top of all of the issues. One must be willing to research, investigate and carefully formulate possible solutions and take this even one step further and understand the many possible ramifications of these “solutions”. This is not an easy thing to do and requires people who think.

3. Are they willing to actually listen to the property owners and take what is good and follow up? Not everything the property owners want is workable or wise and we all have our own opinions and ideas, but a majority consensus has to rule. There are enough very smart, talented and experienced people here with great ideas and we need a BOD that LISTENS.

4. Have they been available, in the public, to answer questions? Some of them have. Some of them seem to be staying a little too quiet, as though they cannot really stand up to much scrutiny and possibly there is not a lot of substance there to these candidates.

5. Do the HSV Board of Directors election candidates have the necessary skills? This is vital if we are going to turn things around. There is a saying, “good intentions pave the road to hell”.

Are Your Candidates Trustworthy?

6. Are the candidates you pick trustworthy? Are they open and honest or have they been known to be unscrupulous in their dealings, throwing many people under the bus, so to say? Do they have good solid ethics?

“Many are justifiably upset by previous candidates who promised one thing and then didn’t follow through with their commitment. All I can say is that you are going to have to trust someone. I am a strong-willed individual with a moral compass that dictates I do everything in my power to say what I am going to do and then do it.” – HSV Board of Directors Candidate, Lloyd Sherman

Lloyd Sherman HSV Board Candidate “Why You Should Trust Me”

We have been given a golden opportunity here and we have to vote smart. We need HSV Board of Directors election candidates with all of these qualities or all our efforts will have been futile. Most of us have worked too hard and are continuing to work hard for this to happen. Please vote wisely. Your vote matters very much in this HSV Board of Directors election, as the very future of this community is in our hands. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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