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Small Parcel for State?

Bubba Says, “The Good Times Are Coming”

This is a news flash that Bubba thinks is very important. One of our Hot Springs Village People Facebook members posted an article that is very interesting and promising for the Village about a small parcel of land the State of Arkansas wants from the Village right at the West gate.

Why So Much Fuss?

Bubba wondered just why there was so much fuss being made over such a small parcel the State wanted. Some Villagers were upset because the State was trying to “Steal property by condemning it”. Others said it is such a small parcel that the Village and the BoD should have just given the small parcel to the State to show support of their improvements. Bubba was confused and was wondering who was right and who was wrong and who was both right on part of it and wrong on other parts.

The State Was Taking It…

The State was taking it as part of a project to improve Highway 7 “safety”? Huh? Bubba thinks, ‘that just does not seem to be the whole story.’ About that time, Rambo jumped up into Bubba’s lap and “accidentally” sat on the keyboard in Bubba’s lap. The posting on the screen disappeared and up popped a map on the screen.

Map Study

Bubba studied the map  of the small parcel and it made him think the State is trying to improve Highway-7, but it didn’t say why. Bubba thinks they would not do this unless they were expecting to get more money somehow. It would definitely create an increase in traffic and an increase in the number of businesses near the Village. He thought, “There is the reason. The State will receive more tax money from more businesses opening up along Highway-7.’ The map indicated there were 10 different sections of Highway-7 that were being improved for various reasons. Some of the sections were adding left-turn lanes and others adding two-way turn lanes. He wondered how you could turn two ways at the same time.

 More Traffic?
HSV Traffic (Exaggeration)

Could this mean traffic  inside the Village would cause more wear and tear on our streets and roads? Might it also attract more potential new residents? Bubba thinks this could have a very positive impact on the Village as long as the Village gets the existing roads up to par with proper maintenance. He smiled at Rambo who was still trying to get comfortable in his lap and said, “What’s the matter, Rambo? Do you need to go outside?” Rambo barked once and jumped down from Bubba’s lap, accidentally hitting another button on the keyboard. The computer went nuts for a minute then a YouTube video started playing a song, “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?”  It was one of Rambo’s favorite songs. He loved to bark along with the video.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Bubba thinks the Real Estate slump we have had in the Village since the housing crash in 2008 may finally be turning around. Then he remembered reading somewhere that the Real Estate market in California was a lot quicker to respond to this type of change than the Arkansas Market. In Arkansas, we are 2 to 5 years behind the markets on the west coast. His daughter was a broker in South Lake Tahoe and had also mentioned to him that the California Real Estate Market started popping again in 2016.

Keep your fingers crossed my friends. Bubba thinks we are in for a really good recovery. We need to get our HSV Marketing Department fine tuned, the CMP straightened out, and the Protective Covenants re-written ASAP to gain the benefit of this Real Estate Market turn around.

We need the  Three for HSV on the BoD even more now than ever if we are going to get this ship turned around and headed in the right direction again.

HSV Bubba's Ruminations

Bubba McGillicuty, aka Frank Shears (Hot Springs Village People Staff Writer)

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