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Shop and Dine at The Turn Sports Bar

First Shop and Dine at The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa – Wed. March 9, 5-8 PM

Ashley and Brandon Kogut, owners of The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa Clubhouse in Hot Springs Village, are co-hosting a brand new and exciting event. Venturing on a journey into the unknown, they are trying something fresh and new and teaming up with local artisans and crafters to co-host what should be a winning combination of shopping and good food. This is an effort to showcase and encourage local artisans and crafters, while also illustrating what The Turn is all about – which is delicious food, friendly service, and customer satisfaction. This happening is called the first Shop and Dine at the Turn Sports Bar and is the brainchild of Judy Mullen, who is the event organizer.

Judy is a local crafter who paints pillows and was looking for an outlet where she could showcase and sell her goods. Explaining how this idea was born, Judy said, “we were at The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa one night for dinner about a month ago, and I was thinking how to utilize the space they have. We owned Judy’s Kitchen and Judy’s Just Desserts in Pennsylvania. Thinking out of the box is always in the back of my mind.” She exclaimed, “I thought this idea would be a win-win for all of us.”

Once Judy had the go-ahead from the Koguts, she earnestly began recruiting local vendors and organizing the event. While there are few ground rules for the vendors, Judy has asked them to support The Turn while they are there promoting their wares. The Koguts are generously providing free display space. There will be a dedicated server for the vendors, keeping them fed and hydrated while they are working.

Shop and Dine Vendors

To give you an idea of some of the items being offered, below is a list of the participating vendors and what they will have available at the event.

1. Dana Ranae Ferris – custom made jewelry
2. Melanie Clark – simple jewelry pieces
3. Renita Philly-Hale – decorative wall mounted coat/purse racks, glass birdhouses
4. Terri Denison – faux gum ball machines
5. Patricia Erickson – glass art, fused glass, stain glass, and ceramic mugs
6. Carol Matson- embroidery items, wall hangings, table runners, quilt, micro bags
7. Judy Mullen – hand-painted pillows and hand-painted wood items
8. Nancy Mulkey- bracelets, paintings of butterflies, and photos of birds
9. Tamara Melchior – wreaths, holiday centerpieces, porch signs, and floral arrangements
10. Deborah King – hand made jewelry
11. Jennifer Seity- Zyia Activewear, DoTERRA Essential Oils
12. Carolyn McKinney- wreaths and other crafts
13. Colleen Pope – birdhouses and wrap bracelets
14. Linda Van Scotter – pictures, massage balls
15. Vickie Duch – TBA
16. K.C. Matheson – jewelry and other items part of Grateful Stone. Everything in design means Gratitude, wine charms, key rings, cuff links, pendants, charms 15 different earrings, lapel pins, rings, and necklaces.
17. Vickie Blanchard – TBA
18. Jennifer Simpkins – TBA
19. Sharon Rachael McClendon – Pampered Chef, Junenae and Globalle

The photographs below are illustrative of items that may be available at the event, but not guaranteed to be representative of the exact goods.

The Turn at Balboa Offers a Variety of Good Eats

The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa has a wide variety of delicious offerings. These include but are not limited to starters such as cheese curds, wings, and nachos.

For those desiring something more, salads, burgers, dogs, and chili are available.

You may also want to try their homemade pizza made with traditional or cauliflower crust.

Here is a menu:


Hope You Can Join Us!

Come out for a really fun evening of shopping and dining! Vendors will be upstairs and dining for customers is located downstairs.

Special thank you to Ms. Linda Van Scotter who was kind enough to advertise this event in the Village Voice. Be sure to stop by at the event and say, “thanks” to Ms. Scotter for her generosity.


To contact Judy Mullen with questions or to inquire about possible future events please email her at judymullen12@gmail.com.

To contact the Koguts at The Turn Sports Bar at Balboa Clubhouse, please call (501) 226-0340.


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