Dennis Simpson to Present Technology Classes to Hot Springs Villagers

If you desire to learn more about modern technology, you won’t want to miss these events. On two consecutive Tuesdays, March 15, and March 22, 2022, from 2:00 PM until 3:30 PM, Lifelong Learning Institute is offering technology classes. The classes will be held at the Coronado Community Center in Hot Springs Village. Both sessions will be beneficial for everyone, no matter the extent of one’s technical expertise. Dennis Simpson, a ten-year resident of the Village and class presenter, said, “we try to put a cookie on EVERY SHELF, not just the lower shelf.”

March 15 – Internet Providers: What Works Best For You?

On March 15, the workshop is centered around the topic of choosing an internet provider in Hot Springs Village. When asked about this class, Dennis shared, “how many internet providers serve Hot Springs Village? (Answer below) Internet access – it seems as if we just can’t live without it these days, but why is it sometimes hard to get reliable internet in the Village and why are there so many options?”

Dennis will address these questions and help find a solution for your particular needs. Some parts of the Village have several options while others are somewhat limited. There are 33 providers and six different ways of getting that service to you. Dennis can help you find your best solution.

March 22 – What is Cord Cutting & Can it Work for You?

At the March 22 class, the topic of discussion will be cord/cable cutting. Dennis asked, “what exactly does that mean? For over 50 years we have all been tethered to the cable TV company one way or the other even if you get it from a satellite dish you are beholden to buy a bundle of channels that you never watch.”

Continuing, Mr. Simpson said, “since the 1990s people have been demanding the option to buy and watch just the channels they want. Cable cutting does this but not in the way that you might think. Imagine that the channels are now aligned on your cell phone as an app. Which app is right for you? What will save you money and or fit your lifestyle?” Dennis will discuss the dozens of options and hone them down to the one that’s best for you.

More Class Details

At the end of each presentation, Dennis will be happy to address the audience’s concerns and questions regarding technology.

The cost of each workshop is $15 to the public and $10 to members of Lifelong Learning Institute.

Registration is limited to 24 people. Registration may be paid at the door by cash, check, or credit card.

Click here to register for the classes.

Dennis Simpson, Technology Guru and Much More

Dennis has 29 years of experience as a technology consultant. He is a native of Arkansas, growing up and graduating from Bryant High School, then on to Southern Baptist college in Northeast Arkansas.

Dennis Simpson, Technology Expert

While at college, Dennis honed the audio/visual skills he had been using in church since he was 14. After touring (singing and running sound) with a Christian band for three years he moved back to Bryant to start a printing company with his father. After 13 years of printing sales, Dale Carnegie co-teaching, and serving as church audio and music director, information tech came calling.

More and more each day the phone calls at the printing company were for IT support. Seeing the need, in 1993 Dennis moved full time into IT work providing private consultation to UAMS, UALR, etc. through his company, WIRED!

In 2001 Simpson broadened his career and began buying and selling lots in Hot Springs Village. At this time, as is common with many people, he fell in love with the Village.

In 2010 Dennis sold WIRED! to the company employees. At that time, WIRED!, had achieved the status of being the 3rd largest IT company in Arkansas.

He has been licensed by the state of Arkansas since 2006 as a Security Manager. This esteemed designation is the highest given in the state.

In 2011, Dennis moved to Hot Springs Village where he set up shop. Subsequently, he’s become a regular fixture of the local radio station, KVRE, and Vice-chair of the Townhome Owners Association. He has also served as Vice-chair of the Hot Springs Village Technology Club for the past four years.

In 2013, Dennis married Diana, the love of his life. Dennis said that marrying his bride is the best thing that ever happened to him, with Hot Springs Village being second.

As if he didn’t already have enough on his plate, in 2017 Mr. Simpson started his own telephone company just for Hot Springs Village and owns and operates four Airbnb’s on the side. He also established a podcast called HSV Inside Out, which he co-hosts with Randy Cantrell. Click here to visit HSV Inside Out.

Dennis deeply appreciates the role that Lifelong Learning Institute plays in the village. Life-long learning should be the goal for all of us and LLI helps facilitate speakers and seminars for all types of education.

About Lifelong Learning Institute & Executive Director, Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson Hot Springs Village Lifelong Learning Institute to Offer Technology Classes 2022
Larry Wilson, Executive Director of Hot Springs Village Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute of Hot Springs Village is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit
and is an organization that is dedicated to providing learning opportunities for the people of Hot Springs Village. LLI offers classes in Technology, Arkansas History, Culinary Arts, Writing Classes, and Art Appreciation. They also host the Arkansas Heritage Festival.

Members of LLI receive discounted prices on the classes. You can join LLI by going to the website The cost is $45 a year for individuals and $75 a year for couples.

The Executive Director of LLI is Larry Wilson, a retired educator, who has lived in Hot Springs Village for 27 years.

This article has been a collaboration with Larry Wilson, Dennis Simpson, and Cheryl Dowden, Hot Springs Village People, March 5, 2022


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