Email from Saline County J. P. Keith Keck

Fellow Villagers,

Here is Saline County Judge Jeff Arey’s COVID-19 Update for April 24. He highlights that cases and recoveries in Saline County continue to slowly rise.

Judge Arey also highlights the Governor’s push to get more testing done statewide, please see the Judge’s comments about NOT WAITING TO GET TESTED IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS.

Keith Keck

Justice of the Peace

Saline County Quorum Court


Email from Saline County Judge Arey

Attached [see spreadsheet below] are the COVID-19 numbers for Saline County as of last night.  Total Confirmed positives are at 51 up 3 from the previous day. It shows that 30 people have recovered and negative tests are up 60 to 06. 

Yesterday Governor Asa Hutchinson unveiled a strategy for increasing the amount of coronavirus testing in the state, including a campaign aimed at creating a “surge” of tests today and Saturday. 

The Governor said he wants to increase the rate of testing from an average of about 1,000 tests a day to 1,500 a day on those days.  He is asking for Arkansans who think they have symptoms or if you have flu-like symptoms, or you’re in an at-risk category and you’ve been traveling, go get tested. 

Those persons wanting a test should call their health care provider as an initial step.  The Arkansas Department of Health now recommends that clinicians test patents for COVID-19 based solely on their symptoms.  This means patients can be tested even if they do not have known risk factors of contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19 or travel to an area with widespread community transmission of COVID-19. 

The ADH now recommends testing all those with a history of potential exposure to COVID-19 even if asymptomatic.  Attached [see letter below] is updated guidance regarding COVID-19 testing that was sent out yesterday by the ADH. 

Click here for the same webpage that I sent out yesterday [4-23-20] that shows testing sites across the state.

Also, remember the Governor’s advice of contacting your primary health care provider first. 

Stay Safe and remember no more than 10, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask and wash your hands! And If you think you have symptoms, don’t wait—get tested!

Jeff Arey

Saline County Judge

200 North Main Street, Suite 117

Benton, Arkansas 72015



4-24-20 Saline County COVID-19 Spreadsheet



Updated Guidance from ADH Regarding COVID-19 Testing 4-23-20



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