Email from Keith Keck

Fellow Villagers,

“Below is Saline County Judge Jeff Arey’s Daily COVID-19 Update for April 8.  HIS EMPHASIS ITEM REMAINS ON WEARING A MASK WHEN IN PUBLIC SETTINGS.  Along with the social distancing, no groups of more than 10 and wash your hands.”

Keith Keck

Justice of the Peace

Saline County Quorum Court


Email from Judge Arey

“To Saline County Residents: 

“Attached [see below] are the numbers for Saline County as of last night.  We held steady at 33 Confirmed Cases.  We did add 2 more to Persons Under Investigation for a total of 21.  It is important to understand that Persons Under Investigation (PUI) are people that may potentially have the COVID-19 virus, but also may have other illnesses that mimic the virus.  In addition, there are several other items such as cold or seasonal allergies where a private doctor will advise someone to be quarantined and then inform the ADH that person is Under Investigation.”  

4.7.20 Saline Co. COVID-19 Spreadsheet


“In one of my updates earlier this week I shared with you the CDC recommendation of wearing cloth masks in public places to help slow the spread.  Attached [below] is an email that was sent by the Office of Attending Physician, this is the official doctor for Congress and the Supreme Court.  The OAP supports the CDC guidelines regarding the use of a face cover when in public spaces.  Obviously all we really needed was the guidance of the CDC, but it just shows you that medical experts agree that the use of cloth masks when in public is important to slow the spread.”   

“Today I will be placing an order for cloth masks that meet the CDC guidelines and distributing them to my staff to be used.   For those of you that are responsible for employees, I encourage you to do the same for the safety of your team.”    

From OAP: CDC Guidelines Regarding Use of Face Covers 

“The Office of Attending Physician (OAP) supports the newly-released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines regarding use of a face cover when in public spaces. The face cover is now suggested to reduce the chance that an individual who feels well could contribute to the spread of infection by leaving behind virus particles. The information about the risk of people without symptoms contributing to the spread of disease is not new information. What has changed is the imperative to use every measure to reduce the spread of disease. It is critical to emphasize that maintaining 6 feet social distancing remains important to slowing the spread of the virus. The wearing of a face covering is a supplement to these social distancing recommendations.”

 Additional information may be found here.

Governor Hutchinson’s 4.7.20 press conference

“I have attached a summary of the Governor’s press conference from yesterday [see pdf below] for those that did not get a chance to see it.  By the way, in this morning’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is a picture of Governor Hutchinson wearing a cloth face mask.  Please follow his lead!” 

Summary of Governor Hutchinson’s 4.7.20 press conference pdf


“Stay Safe, and remember no more than 10, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask and wash your hands!”

Jeff Arey

Saline County Judge

200 North Main Street, Suite 117

Benton, Arkansas 72015



(Thank you to Keith Keck, Saline County Justice of the Peace, for providing this update from Judge Arey.)

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