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HSV- A Very Safe Place

By Former Board Member, Frank Leeming, 4.7.20

Our Village is safer than many other places as we wait out the virus

So, here we sit – our hair getting shaggier, our taste buds crying out for a sit-down meal at a favorite restaurant with our friends, wondering when we’ll be going to church again, our muscle tone fading by the day – asking when it will all end and return to normal.  If it ever will.

The good news is we’re in about the safest place in the world.  Take a look at this little spreadsheet I worked up showing the number of coronavirus cases for each 10,000 population in key counties and states.

What have you been doing to pass your days in quarantine?

My beautiful bride has been on a tear – painting rooms, pressure-washing the deck, raking leaves, cooking and filling the freezer.  Her latest project: Making face masks.  I wore my first one to Walmart this morning.  It felt weird.

Joyce loves a clean house, but at our age, it’s getting harder.  So we’re trying something new: Working together to give one room a day a thorough cleaning – vacuuming, mopping, dusting, polishing furniture, cleaning the blinds.  So far, so good.

At night we’re catching up on good movies we saw 10 or 20 years ago – The Horse Whisperer, Pride and Prejudice, The American President, Good Will Hunting, A River Runs Through It, The Legend of Bagger Vance.  Because our memories aren’t that good, the films seem new to us.

We’re getting weary of television news.  Same old stuff every day.  The networks are the worst with reporters screaming and making every story seem like the end of the world.

The extra time on our hands has meant more time for enjoying good books and listening to good music.

And pondering what things will be like when our world opens up again.  What will it be like to face traffic jams again, worrying about where to go out to eat, having to buy gasoline again?

Nothing will ever be the same.

By Former Board Member, Frank Leeming, 4.7.20

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COVID-19 by area (Frank Leeming spreadsheet)



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