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Respect – HSVPOA

by Cheri Nelson, August 28, 2019

How did we get here?

As we all know this community has become very divided over the last two years.  Some say we are having an identity crisis.  Some say it’s all because of the CMP.  Many blame the whole divisiveness on our CEO and our Board of Directors.  I believe it is all of the above and more.

 But wait, there’s more!!

Might it be more accurate that the division within our community is more about the unknown, the secrecy, the lack of transparency and hidden agendas, the condescension, and the flippant disregard for the Property Owners by those who were voted into office? There is a well known saying that goes, “Respect can not be demanded, it must be earned“.  One will never earn respect by talking down to the Property Owners, trying to silence us when we speak the truth or when we ask pertinent questions.  

Misplaced Allegiance

I have heard it said repeatedly that the Board members are not responsible to the Property Owners, rather they are responsible to the Corporation.  My response to that statement is then why didn’t the Corporation vote them into office instead of the Property Owners? Are the Property Owners of HSV not the Corporation? Are Board Members not responsible to both?  Where is the line between responsibilities to the Corporation and responsibilities to those who elected you seven individuals to the board?

When Secrecy leads to mistrust

 It is true that as Board members, there is much information that you must hold close, to protect employees, to obtain the best outcome in negotiations, to keep the Village secure.  And yet, the Secrecy here goes well beyond those parameters.  There are definitely times to maintain secrecy on issues that shouldn’t yet be discussed, BUT when taken to the point that every single topic is shrouded in Secrecy and Mystery, it becomes detrimental and harmful to a Community.

by Cheri Nelson


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