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Request for Closed Captioning for Hearing-Impaired Villagers

By Cheryl Dowden, June 4, 2020

Below please find a copy of an email sent to the HSVPOA Board and Interim General Manager, John Paul, requesting closed captioning be provided on the Official HSVPOA YouTube videos.


Hello HSVPOA Board Members and Interim General Manager John Paul,

Thank you for all your hard work for the community.  It is much appreciated.

This email is being written on behalf of the hearing-impaired members of Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association.

There are many hearing-impaired individuals in this community and this makes it very difficult for them to view meetings and/or YouTube videos.  Due to this, we would like to formally request that the HSVPOA staff enable the closed captioning option on the official HSVPOA YouTube channel.

We understand the captioning is not always 100% accurate, but hearing-impaired people use a combination of captioning and lip reading in order to understand a video.

A disclaimer could be placed in the “Description Box” or the “About” section on YouTube as to the fact that the complete accuracy of the closed captioning on the videos is not guaranteed.

This could be done for ZERO cost to the association and is very easy to do.

We feel that by the POA allowing the closed captioning, it would provide a valuable service to the hard of hearing in the community and be a wonderful gesture of transparency and goodwill in regards to these very valued hearing-impaired members.

We look forward to your response regarding this issue.  Thank you again for all you do and for your kind consideration of this request.

Kind regards,

Joe and Cheryl Dowden

Hot Springs Village People

Edited to add: The correct term should be, “hard-of-hearing,” not hearing-impaired. We apologize if we offended anyone.


We will update this website when we receive a response.


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