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More Protective Covenants Review

Bubba’s Review of the Covenants and Restrictions Part 2 – Written by Bubba McGillicuty (aka Frank Shears, HSV)

It is Friday and Bubba finished up his chores for the day. The chairs were delivered to the store for resale and the back of the truck was all cleaned out. A beautiful day to be outside. The sunshine gave him warm and fuzzy feelings all over. Bubba likes warm and fuzzy feelings. (Added by Cheryl: Uh, oh, more Protective Covenants Review to be done.)

Beautiful Sunset in Hot Springs Village (Photo by Linda Van Scotter)

Since it is evening now he decided to take another peek at the POA’s latest version of the Covenants and Restrictions. He paged down to where he left off the last time and began reading at Section 2.1.3. where it said, ” The landscape standards within this code are intended to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Hot Springs Village by:

Bubba smiled because he likes anything that preserves the natural beauty of our Village. So he kept reading.

“a. Promoting the beautification of Hot Springs Village and enhancing its aesthetic quality.

b. Promoting reasonable conservation and replenishment of valued tree canopy and vegetation.

c. Aiding in restoring ecological balance by contributing to air purification, oxygen regeneration, and groundwater recharge.

d. Providing for vegetation to reduce stormwater runoff and the potential damage it may create.

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, Lake Balboa Spillway, Closeup (photo courtesy of Karen Perry)
Lake Balboa Spillway, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas Closeup (photo courtesy of Karen Perry)

Everything looked great until he got to:

“e. Achieving a meaningful urban landscape while permitting economically feasible urban development to occur.”

Bubba Stopped Smiling

Bubba stopped smiling and started wondering. Then he remembered hearing from one of the people at a meeting the ACC held for all the local contractors who did work in the Village (Protective Covenants Review). The ACC presented all the new rules the contractors had to follow. The bald guy presented everything about the required landscaping and new building requirements for new construction. However, the bulk of what he said was about landscaping requirements. He drew many charming cartoons on the white-board with high-tech crayons.

At the end of the meeting, (Protective Covenants Review) the builders were not happy at all. However, they did enjoy the free cookies. Bubba wondered if some of the contractors were related to him because most of them were grumbling when they left. Bubba also wondered what kind of cookies were served.

Delicious Cookies Served at The Meeting

Bubba McGillicuty  (aka Frank Shears, HSV)(Staff Writer at Hot Springs Village People)

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