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Online Dating Scam- How & Who

By Tracey Duggan, April 22, 2020

Part Two – Online dating scammers – How they do it – Who they are

In my previous article, I told you about the online dating scam.  Today I will get into how they do this and who they are.  


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You have not met this person but you are in LOVE

These people scamming are normally in Africa, Nigeria. Ghana, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast.   They will have a “playbook”. Their sole existence is to scam you out of every dime they can. You will be so enamored by them, they will tell you they love you and want to spend all eternity with you, that they are “God-fearing”, want to marry you and a gazillion different things.  You have not met this person but you are in LOVE!!! You have played right into their hands. That is when the money stuff starts. They might tell you their computer is broke and they need a new one and they can’t access their account, could you please send some money to get a new one?  NO!!! Or they might send you money and ask you to buy something for them and send it to their financial adviser. NO!!! They might ask you to open an account for them because they are going to give money to you, NO!!! When you push back on them, they will guilt you, or become mean and nasty to you.  That should be a warning right there, a person who professes their love for you would not get nasty and mean, and why would you want to be with a person who is like that anyway?  

Being a money mule

If you have not taken my advice yet and went ahead and opened an account for this person you THINK you are in love with, they are going to send you money.  The money they are putting into this account is money from another unsuspecting person. The money is “dirty” money. Then they are going to ask you to pay some bills for them.  What you are now doing is being a money mule. They are laundering money through you, in YOUR NAME!!! This is something you could be charged with (more than likely you will be ok, but eventually you become complicit and can be charged).  Sometimes they will send you money and immediately ask you to “pay a bill”, or wire money, the problem is, the money they sent hasn’t cleared yet, and you have already wired money to pay their “bill”, which can be 20K. You have put yourself into 20K debt.  They didn’t ask you for money, but they still got money from you and now you are responsible.  

You need to speak up

After this happens, many times people are too embarrassed to tell anyone.  By not speaking up you are allowing others to be conned. You need to speak up.  You need to tell all of your friends who are online dating. By educating yourselves and your friends who are online dating about these scams you might save someone else from falling into the same trap.  You need to know you are NOT stupid. These people are professionals. Their whole purpose in life is to scam people. They do not care that your whole life has been upended. They don’t care that you are heartbroken.  They don’t care that they have scammed you out of sometimes thousands of dollars. Today I will be including some links of videos, and you really need to take a look at them. One video is of a scammer who actually produced his “playbook” on how he scams people.  Another one is a heartbreaking video of a woman in Florida who was taken for one million dollars by an online romance scam.  

These crimes are so heartbreaking

These people literally brainwash you; scientific studies show when you are in love you tend to overlook any negative things. By being in love you are overlooking your common sense.  If your family members find out they usually try to talk common sense into you. In the process, the scammer convinces you to drive them away. These crimes are so heartbreaking for the victim and their families. 

The following are excellent YouTube videos

 Americans, Canadians, and Australians all that have been scammed.  This is a multi-national network of people trying to rip you off. The law enforcement agents are very forthcoming in saying these crimes are very difficult.  Most of the time you never get any money back.


Woman warns of the dangers of online dating scams


One million dollars lost


Canadian woman commits suicide after being scammed- tells about the Black Axe- group of international scammers & their network


Follow up from Canadian video- another woman scammed for almost $2 million


Australian victims in-depth- very good information


By Tracey Duggan, April 22, 2020


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