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LTD MUST WIN- 2020 HSV BOD Election

By Robert Busse, March 1, 2020

What follows is what I received from a friend regarding the 2020 BOD election voting strategy and the reasoning behind this plan. The approach and the rationale for this strategy make the most sense to me.

LTD MUST WIN – it is most critical

Whether the 4th new Board member should be Choyce or Denger is debatable and likely matters little, but unnecessarily giving votes to a competing candidate seems to be a lousy plan any way you look at it.

LTD supporters would all feel pretty stupid if Choyce or Denger do better than expected and beat LTD. Denger or Choyce can beat LTD if LTD supporters give them “throw away or don’t care votes,” Unlikely or not, the risk isn’t worth it.

It is NOT necessary to cast four votes

According to the BOD Chairman, it is NOT necessary to vote for four candidates. It’s safest to vote for 3 LTD only and not to cast your 4th vote. Anything else only hurts LTD chances of winning the top three spots.

There is no reason to cast the 4th vote because casting a vote for someone you do not support could lead to that candidate receiving more votes than the candidates you support or keeping the unwanted candidate’s vote totals even with your favorite choices.

If you do not cast that 4th vote, the remaining two candidates are one vote behind your preferences.

Let’s say all the LTD voters have 1000 votes and all cast votes for LTD. If LTD supporters vote for Choyce or Denger as a 4th vote, one or the other will have those votes in addition to their own.

If the LTD group votes for only LTD (only three candidates), then the other two, Choyce or Denger, are 1000 behind and must pick up those 1000 votes from all the other voters to get back even with the LTD group. Click here to read some of the reasoning behind this strategy.

Three willing and qualified candidates

ltd must win hsv election

Three candidates are willing and qualified to do everything possible to promote and implement the desired change. If we want this change, all we have to do is get LTD elected. And it is preferable to have them seated in the slots with the most extended terms.

By Robert Busse, March 1, 2020


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