By Joe and Cheryl Dowden, February 24, 2020

Voting Strategy

First let us preface this by saying, we are not telling anyone how to vote. That is not our right to do so. What we are sharing is our own voting strategy and why we think it is the best game plan in order to seat Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro and Dick Garrison on the HSVPOA Board and with the longest possible terms.

In further clarification, this message does NOT come from any of the Board Candidates. Nor have they endorsed this article. It would be unfair to expect them to weigh in on an idea we have and is something which we know may be very controversial.

Four BOD spots open

As you are probably aware, HSVPOA Board Member, Buddy Dixon resigned. We thank him for his service and wish him the best. Due to Mr. Dixon’s resignation, in the upcoming 2020 Board of Directors’ election, we will have the ability to vote for four candidates. Originally we only had the option of voting for three.

The candidates running are (in alphabetical order) Nikki Choyce, Kirk Denger, Dick Garrison, Tucker Omohundro, and Lloyd Sherman.

Our loyalty lies with LTD

We have supported Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro, and Dick Garrison (also known as LTD) from the beginning of their campaigns. Our loyalty still lies with the three of them. This dedication to LTD is due to our personal knowledge of their strong wills, upstanding character, expertise, and commonsense.

Our votes will still be for Lloyd, Tucker, and Dick. We are choosing not to use our fourth vote. Sometimes no vote is a better choice than the wrong vote.

Reasons why we chose to not use our fourth vote

Our fourth choice will be blank. The number four candidate will only have a one-year term. This spot is for the replacement of Buddy Dixon. The candidate in third place will serve a two-year term. In a recent Village Digest announcing the resignation of Mr. Dixon, it was said,

“Although the recently mailed Advocate describes three vacancies, ballots will properly reflect that up to four selections are being requested.”

Notice the word, “requested“. This message from the POA does not say it is a mandate to vote for four. The message says, “up to four.” 

Announcement from the HSVPOA regarding Mr. Dixon’s resignation

We want the longest terms for LTD

We need to get Lloyd, Tucker and Dick the longest terms available, therefore, we need to get them the majority of the votes cast. A fourth vote for another candidate creates a risk for one of our preferred candidates not receiving the longest term possible. Or worst-case scenario, not receiving a seat at the table.

Recap of last year’s vote

Here is a recap of last year’s vote. Out of the 23,248 ballots mailed out, only 8,238 ballots were returned. There are potentially more nonresident voters than resident voters. Admittedly, many of the nonresidents have not exercised their voting rights in the past. But they could.

It is too risky to vote for four

We understand how the chips may fall but with four seats available, either Nikki Choyce or Kirk Dinger will receive a seat. But as long as LTD are also elected our side will still have the majority. By receiving the most votes, they will also receive the longest terms possible. They can then change the harm that has been done to our governing documents and the association. There is too much risk and we stand the chance of two years of work being for naught if we vote for a fourth candidate.

This is political, not personal

This strategy is not personal, it is purely political. Some may not agree with this plan of action (or inaction, in this case). Other people may offer up various theories, and we know there may be other “possible scenarios” and while we do respect these other scenarios, we think our strategy is the best.

As already mentioned, we are sharing our strategy but are not telling anyone who to vote for. Who you decide to vote for and how many votes you cast is entirely up to you. This election is an extremely important one. Your vote is very powerful. Please vote carefully.

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By Joe and Cheryl Dowden, February 24, 2020