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Lloyd Sherman Newsletter 9/23/19

Greetings All,

Recent events have made this a historical week to remember in Hot Springs Village history. Several events have kept us quite busy. The first event was on Friday the 13th when our illustrious board voted to fire Director Dick Garrison with a vote of 4 to 3 to remove him. This has never before happened in the history of the Village.

Please, we all need to keep in mind that this issue is very sensitive and there is always the possibility of legal issues being involved. We cannot discuss anything more than our combined anger at four of the current POA Board members and our concerned sympathy for Mr. Garrison. This is not what we elected him for and many of our votes have been negated. All of our questions cannot be answered at this time without causing Mr. Garrison harm.

As predicted, there was a tremendous turnout for the next HSV POA Board meeting. The big items on the agenda were the firing of Dick Garrison from the Board and the multipart Balboa golf course and clubhouse repairs and renovation projects.

Dick Garrison let's talk meeting
Dick Garrison

As the vote to remove Dick Garrison only received four total votes, it leaves us wondering why the remedy had to be removal versus some other less severe action. This was an unprecedented incident that may have long-reaching implications.

As for the vote to approve total eradication of the golf course and tear down of the Balboa Club was tabled for a future revised plan, we can hope that a general sense of logic regarding spending has taken hold with the board, but we also owe deep gratitude to all those who made their concerns known. Although we elect these officials, they need to keep in mind they are there to carry forward the wishes of the property owners.

Lloyd Sherman
POA Board of Directors Candidate

Note from Frank Shears, Campaign Manager

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Frank Shears
Campaign Manager

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