John Cooper III Statement Regarding HSV POA Election Results Thank you to all the property owners who engaged in discussion regarding the future of Hot Springs Village.

I sincerely appreciate those who reached out to me to hear firsthand how Cooper Communities will be a part of that future. It was encouraging to see so many members take the time to vote and be a part of the process. You have sent a strong message to the management and POA Board.

I cannot begin to express my family’s gratitude for your support. This vote tells me my family’s dream for Hot Springs Village is alive and well, and that the vision set out by my grandfather, the vision that so many moved here to be a part of, will continue for future generations.

I believe we have sent a message to the leaders of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association that we do not agree with the path forward proposed in their adopted Comprehensive Master Plan.

I believe we have sent a message that we want a change in Board governance and more transparency in the management of our assets. We want the Board to be accountable to the members, not the Corporation. It is still my desire to have an honest, open discussion with the Board of Directors regarding the challenges facing Hot Springs Village.

I will also continue to pursue the request for information that membership is entitled to. Property owners should be allowed to access the information needed to fully assess the financial strengths of their association.

I hope the Board will reevaluate their policy and procedure manual in an effort to be transparent and accountable to the membership. As we move forward, I will continue to communicate our plans for the future to demonstrate that we are here – we have always been here.

Thank you,

John Cooper III