Trail Committee Excited About Many Upcoming Activities

The Hot Springs Village POA Trails Committee met on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Kim Botkin is a newly appointed member. Botkin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and was the Purchasing Manager for an oil and gas company when he retired. Additionally, he serves as the Trail Master Leader for a hiking group in Boomers Rock.

The Committee discussed many upcoming activities and more information about these events will be coming out soon.

Committee Members in Attendance

James (Buzz) Carpenter, Chair; Pam Hartman, Secretary; Kim Botkin; Guy Richardson; Janet Rowe; Kathy Swanson; and Ginger Ladehoff (HSVPOA Marina and Outdoor Program Supervisor)

James Carpenter, Chair of the Trails Committee

Absent from the Meeting

Jan Miles, Vice-chair; Paul Barnard; and Board Liaison, Robert McLeod


Wes Lukina, Paul Hedgpeth, John O’Brien,


Lewis Delavan, Hot Springs Village Voice

QR Codes to be Installed at the Trail Boxes

(Left) Kathy Swanson, Trails Committee Member, (Right) Ginger Ladehoff, HSVPOA Marina & Outdoor Programs Manager

Ms. Ladehoff made QR codes for the committee members to install at the trail boxes. These codes will be cell-phone scannable by trail walkers and will provide bird and plant information. There are plans to have QR codes for the trail maps.

John O’Brien said, “it is estimated that there are enough available QR codes to equal the number of stars in the universe. Basically, limitless.”

Scanning a QR code can yield up to 26,000 characters of text and can be used with or without the internet. “QR codes can do a lot more than just link to the web,” explained O’Brien.”

Biking on the Trails

Biking is allowed on some of the trails. Being courteous and using common sense is the key. Let walkers know when you are approaching from behind. According to the Explore the Village website, the bike-friendly trails are Barcelona, Carmona, Santa Maria, Magellan Beaver Dam, DeSoto Multipurpose, John and Mildred Cooper Preserve, (Saline River, Pine Woods, and Cooper Trails), Balboa, Sonora-Calella, Hernando- East and West, Waypoint, Coronado Fitness.

John O’Brien said that Google Maps has all the Village trailheads (except Magellan Beaver Dam) listed.

Spring Break Children’s Day Camp Update

Nine children have signed up for the Spring Break Children’s Day Camp which begins on March 21.

Friends of the Trails Workday – March 24

The Trails Committee will be having a Friends of the Trails Workday on Thursday, March 24, 2022. A bridge will be constructed on the Cooper Reserve Property with volunteer help. Staff will set the posts before the workday. The POA receives approval for any improvements made on this property from the owner, Nature Conservancy. If you would like to help with this construction project, more details will be coming out shortly. Some of the bridge construction material is provided by the Nature Conservancy and the POA is kicking in $450.

Parks and Recreation Department Open House April 10

The open house will cover anything Parks and Rec,” stated Ladehoff. Staff will be conducting walkthrough tours of the fitness center. Trails will be represented, as will pickleball, tennis, and lawn sports.

POA Photo Contest in May

The POA will be having a photography contest in May. More details coming soon.

Audubon Event – Festival of Wings May 14

Around a hundred or more participants are expected at the Festival of Wings Audubon event to be held on Saturday, May 14 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Grove Park. Grove Park is located at 1105 DeSoto Boulevard, Hot Springs Village. All vendors at the event will be selling bird-related products such as birdseed, feeders, bird supplies, photos, books, bird artwork, and more. The Trails Committee will have representatives at the meeting. After the event, there will be a trail hike. If it rains, the event will be moved to the covered area outside of the Woodlands Auditorium and the trail hike will be canceled.

Dam to Dam Hike May 17

Details for this are still developing. Last year there were 70 participants and hikers began at the DeSoto Dam. Shuttle options are being explored to bring hikers back to the starting point after they have finished the hike. More information on this event is coming soon.

DeSoto Trail Repair Begins in June

DeSoto Trail repair will begin in June. There are areas where the asphalt is flaked and staff will be installing a new surface. It is anticipated this work will take around one month.

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The Hot Springs Village POA Trails Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM at the Coronado Community Center. The next Trails meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

CHERYL DOWDEN, Hot Springs Village People Gazette, March 16, 2022

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