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HSVPOA Parks & Recreation Quarterly Report 4-20-22

Deb Fuller, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee, (P & R) presented her quarterly report to the HSVPOA Board on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at the Annual Membership Meeting. This report gives a good overview of what the P & R Committee does and also discusses possible changes to the ’23/’24 HSV Urban Deer Hunt. (Note: The ’23/’24 changes to the HSV Urban Hunt are only in the discussion stage. We will update the community when we are notified of anything concrete.)

Fuller said the committee works with Terry Wiley, Parks and Recreation Manager, and other P & R team members to assist with events and bring ideas to the table, helping to generate Village resident participation in the amenities. The committee also provides feedback on fees and O and M Table reviews (Operations and Maintenance). The committee does not make decisions but instead provides recommendations to the P & R Department. The P & R Committee also participates in the Newcomers Meeting.

There are two P & R Committee member terms ending – Jim Betts and Tammy McCullough. “We are sad to see them go, but do appreciate the contributions they made,” said Fuller. Fuller said the committee is continuing to search for another committee member. “We are looking for people that are ready to get involved, roll up their sleeves and really bring ideas to the table, participate, and support a lot of these volunteer activities that happen with our amenities around the Village,” stated Fuller.

We are focused on our current amenities, not creating new amenities – really strengthening what we have and what already exists in the Village.

Deb Fuller, Chair of the HSVPOA Parks and Recreation Committee

Recreation Bundle Update – Revenue of $132,000 has been generated since December 2020 when the Recreational bundle was launched. Year-to-date, $14,904 in revenue was brought in through sales of recreation bundles.

The committee is working in partnership with Terry Wiley and the P & R staff to:

  1. Generate interest in our amenities by holding a spring and fall open house. In the recent spring open house, five new Coronado Fitness Center annual memberships were purchased. Also, open house guests expressed interest in the recreational bundles.
  2. Get in the Game – This is a six-month, team-based challenge, encouraging Villagers to experience P & R amenities. Click here to read more about Get in the Game.
  3. Yak Run (Kayak) – This event will be based at Lake Balboa on Saturday, September 17. This is a combined 5 K Fun Run and a 1000-yard kayak paddle on Lake Balboa.
HSVPOA Parks Recreation Quarterly Report 4-20-22 Deb Fuller
Deb Fuller, HSVPOA Parks & Recreation Committee Chair

POSSIBLE Changes to the HSV Urban Hunt in the ’23/’24 Season

Fuller said that many Villagers are involved in the Urban Deer Hunt. Mark Quinton, P & R Committee member, is an avid archer. Quinton and Todd Noles, Common Property, Forest, and Wildlife Manager, are discussing some possible changes for next year’s Urban Deer Hunt. Currently, the ’23/’24 Urban Deerhunt topic is only in the discussion stage.

Fuller said, “Historically, the Arkansas Bowhunters, which is a private club, comes to the Village and works with the POA to organize the event. Participants must pay $40 in dues to become a member of the Arkansas Bowhunters group in order to participate in the HSV Urban Hunt. This brings in not only Villagers but people from outside the Village… Three hundred hunters participated in the HSV Urban Deer Hunt this past year, generating $12,000 in revenue (for the AR Bowhunters).”

It is proposed to have the HSV Urban Deer Hunt available to only HSV Property Owners and Guests for the ’23/’24 season. This is being considered to reduce theft and generate revenue for the POA. “Orientation day will need to be coordinated by the POA and the Archery team, Mark Quinton, and others.”

It is also proposed that beginning in the ’23/’24 season that all HSV hunters participating in the HSV Urban Deer Hunt be required to purchase the POA Archery membership. It is anticipated that this could generate an additional $15,000 in revenue for the next season. The HSV bowhunters would work to help qualify the hunters instead of the Arkansas Bowhunters.

Cheryl Dowden, HSV Gazette, April 22, 2022


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