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HSVPOA CEO Made It Personal!

By Vikki Powell, January 18, 2020

CEO Made It Personal Against Me!

Some may have already read a December 22, 2019 post I made on the Facebook Hot Springs Village People site last month.  If so, this is basically a repeat of that post, just laid out differently. If you didn’t read my December post, prepare to be enlightened about a personal situation I experienced as the result of our CEO making a false statement about me.  If it happened to me, there’s the possibility she could do the same to you. I have the documentation that supports what I am sharing.

Sometime on or before November 26, 2019, the CEO called Lxxxx Xxxxxxx, a member of the XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, an established HSV non-profit organization.  Lxxxx assists this organization in obtaining sales ads and patron donations. In 2019, the CEO made a patron donation of at least $500 to the organization. Her donation was shown in printed materials distributed by the organization.  She was shown as a “Diamond” patron. There was one other “Diamond” patron that made a $500 donation to the same organization for 2019. That patron was me.

As a result of the CEO making a phone call to Lxxxx Xxxxxxx, he sent an email to 10 organization members and one non-member on November 26, 2019.  The Subject was, “Let’s ask Vikki to resign” In that email he stated, “The last straw for me is when I received a call from the CEO of the Village, who has been one of only two diamond patrons, having given $500 each of the past two years.  She told me she can no longer support the organization because Vikki openly stated on social media that she wanted the CEO removed and called her a “vehicle of destruction.”  Well, you can disagree with a point of view, but you don’t resort to name-calling on social media, particularly with a high valued paying customer.”

In Lxxxx’s email, he asked the recipients, “Would you be willing to put your name on a letter that would ask her to resign?”  He also stated, “Please give me your thoughts, suggestions, additions, critique, etc. and tell me if it’s OK to add your name.  Also, send to anyone else you think would be interested.”  Essentially, in my opinion, Lxxxx took it upon himself to conduct a witch hunt that began with a phone call from our CEO.

Two points need to be made here.

  • Point one.  I was elected by the membership to be this organization’s 2019 President.  I’d also served as the Vice-President in 2018 and the Secretary in 2017. My term as President was to end at a December 2, 2019, combined General Membership meeting and Christmas party. This was less than one week from when Lxxxx sent out his email to 11 people.
  • Point two.  On August 16, 2019 I did make a post on NextDoor and I did use the term “vehicle of destruction.” Here is what I said in my post, “We HAVE to replace certain board members and vote in new ones that WILL NOT ride the CEO vehicle of destruction AND WILL do what’s required to get her voted out.”  As is obviously apparent, at no point in my post was there any name calling of the CEO.  

Clearly, Lxxxx Xxxxxxx did not verify or obtain proof of what the CEO had claimed I’d done.  

I finished my term as President and was sworn in on the 2020 Board as the Immediate Past President.  I then resigned from the Board. As a result of the witch hunt, the person in line to be the next President resigned, as did the incoming Treasurer and a Member-at-Large.   Also, there was no one to fill the Vice-President position. All of this was directly due to the CEO’s phone call.

After the events of December 2, 2019, I received an email from an individual that was one of the 10 members Lxxxx Xxxxxxx had contacted on November 26, 2019.  In his email to this member Lxxxx wrote, “First off, I want to make sure you understand that the letter I sent to Vikki was not from me, I was just the messenger.”  

Messenger for who? The CEO? Why go to a member versus to this organizations board?  I would also think that the CEO has better things to do than troll (or have someone do it for her) websites looking for information to use against a property owner.  My comment was made on August 16th, but it didn’t bother the CEO until November? Hmmmm. The CEO made a false statement about me calling her a name. She then relayed that false statement to another person. I now perceive her call and the subsequent events that followed as an attempted threat to tarnish my character, integrity and reputation. Had the facts been checked, the truth would have been known.

My head is held high.  I repeat what I said in August. “We HAVE to replace certain board members and vote in new ones that WILL NOT ride the CEO vehicle of destruction AND WILL do what’s required to get her voted out.”

By Vikki Powell, January 18, 2020

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