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Tucker on a Lodge in HSV

By Tucker Omohundro, January 18, 2020

To better state my beliefs on a lodge in Hot Springs Village… 

I would love to see a hotel/lodge or hotel chain in HSV, but as a business freestanding from the POA. Just like all other businesses such as a grocery store, retailer, restaurant, medical center, etc. a hotel needs to be its own entity.  

I am NOT in favor of a lodge being developed, funded, and run by the POA like our other amenities such as golf courses, tennis center, Woodlands, etc. The POA should not be a hotel management company, a restaurateur, a real estate developer, or anything else outside of its original purpose -POA’s were created for administrative purposes and to maintain the infrastructure; it was formed to manage the assessments collected and to take care of the infrastructure; this is what they should only be doing.

I am not sure if the current BOD/CEO has or had plans, (or hopes), of building a lodge, but it has been brought to my attention as a concern by some Villagers… so, I hope this gives the residents of the Hot Springs Village a clearing understanding of my thoughts about a lodge/hotel. 

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