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HSVPOA Budget Suggestions

By Tom Blakeman, October 17, 2019

Note from Cheryl: This email was sent to Diana Podawiltz and Tormey Campagna.

Budget Suggestions

Your opportunity to adjust the budget has been extended.  Even though the fee schedule was passed, it too could still be modified.  You as the Board hold this power.  Please consider the following options:

1.  Remove planned Golf Surcharge.  In a climate of low demand, attempting to increase prices across the board is doomed to failure – good weather or bad.  There are many other adjustments to the Golf Fee structure that could be made which would help increase demand.

2.  Follow Committee recommendations for the Fitness Center.  Similar logic to the above.

3.  Reduce Total Compensation Expense.  Other than required minimum wage increases to comply with law, all wages and salaries should be frozen.  There should be no bonuses budgeted for 2020.  Salary and/or staff reductions should be implemented for all Grades 10 and above. The savings goal should be approximately $1,500,000 to keep 2020 Compensation in line with the projected 2019 Forecast.

4.  Utilize some of the savings from reduced compensation to fund the Golf Capital Improvement Fund.

Perhaps we will need an assessment increase some day.  But, right now virtually every Villager believes we have a bloated management staff that is not operating efficiently.  No one believes that we should consider an assessment increase until such time as Management and the Board have earned it.  Taking the steps above will be a move in that direction.

Tom Blakeman

PS:  Feel free to share with the other current board members.

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