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HSVPOA Golf Fees Rising

by Tom Blakeman, October 13, 2019

It would appear that despite warnings against doing so, the Board of Directors has agreed that surcharges will be added to golf fees for 2020.  This is based on commentary gleaned from the “Zoom” Conferencing broadcast of their third budget meeting this past Thursday.  Of course, no property owners had access to any of the documents they were studying in the meeting so hard numbers are difficult to pin down.

It is not clear exactly how this surcharge will be done but $2.50 per round appears to be the new magic number. 

For annual members, the increase will be $250 over the 2019 rate calculated on a 100 rounds basis. For daily-pay members, the methodology is less clear since there is no fixed base rate to start with.  Based on the existing “flex pricing” model POA can change the daily rates at their whim.  So, daily pay members will probably never know for sure when they are paying a surcharge or not.  Nonetheless, everyone can expect to pay more in 2020.

Nine-hole players will likely feel a bigger bite.  This is because POA has discovered that many former 18-hole-players, due to age or cost, have migrated to playing only nine holes.  The number of nine-hole rounds has actually been increasing while total rounds of golf have declined.  To capitalize on this trend POA has already been charging proportionally more for a nine-hole round than for eighteen.  In other words, nine is charged at more than 1/2 of the eighteen-hole green fee.  POA will continue to leverage this disparity.  Whether or nor the surcharge for nine holes will be $1.25 or some other amount is not clear. 

by Tom Blakeman, October 13, 2019

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