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HSVPOA Board has Goal of Strong Village

The Goal is the Same – A Strong Hot Springs Village

In a move that took the HSV Board of Directors by surprise, Board member Lloyd Sherman has submitted his resignation. Sherman, in a Facebook post cited as his reason for resigning as the “abdication of some board members to the will of staff.” Nothing could be further from reality. The Board is actively engaged in the oversight of the POA operations after hiring a General Manager with the qualifications and skillset that were missing in past POA management. After just three months on the job, the new General Manager has made amazing strides in reducing/controlling expenses, streamlining the staff, addressing long-postponed infrastructure issues, beginning development on plans to improve golf, and revitalizing the food and beverage program.

Mr. Sherman’s resignation comes at a time when the Board was learning about questionable and concerning activities performed by recent and past individual Board members in attempts to discredit various staff members and interfere with various operational decisions. 

The Board would like to share a message so well thought out by Board member Dick Garrison:

The process [of change] is still messy. We still have many tasks ahead of us and in all probability we will again stumble a time or two. But we also want everyone to consider the following:

-Thanks in large part to the PPS grant, we are in excellent cash position even though this pandemic was a scary thing to navigate.

-In Charles King we have found a mature, seasoned General Manager who is doing all of the fundamental things we had hoped for and who we firmly believe will be the long-term solution to our leadership problems of the past.

-We have a POA staff who is developing at a rapid rate and whose asset value has been greatly underappreciated in the past.

We still need to:

-Better utilize our Committee structure. 

-Manage the pandemic fallout for the Village. So far our cautious approach to spending and managing has worked, but who knows where this virus will take us.

-Plan our future, including our infrastructure needs. A lot of work is underway, but we do not have a finished product.

-Find new ways to grow our revenue. The outcome of a recent meeting with the Realtor community provided an excellent growth potential.

And finally, we need qualified, experienced Villagers to come forward next month and run for the BOD. This is one of those “Greater Good” moments where it literally will take a Village to get us to that next level.

The board wishes to thank Lloyd Sherman for his tireless service to Hot Springs Village.

Editor’s note: This message came to Property Owners in an E-blast on Thursday, November 5, 2020, at 6:27 p.m. A board member requested we publish this.

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