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Walk a Mile in my Shoes

By Lloyd Sherman, November 23, 2020

I’m back to thank those who supported me in my two-year run for the Board and respond to a few criticisms leveled. I understand the frustration and disappointment many of you feel, but until you have actually walked in the other person’s shoes, all you know is what your opinion is, and typically that is not based on facts. That being said, let me tell you that my resignation was not about “taking my toys and going home!” It wasn’t about not being able to work with others (well, most of them anyway). It was not about getting my way! What it was about was a general lack of awareness that the Board as a body was moving right back into the territory we have already traveled, combined with certain members of the board violating their oath of office. I gave this board a chance to rectify the issue that became the tipping point for me, and they failed to do so. So yes, I made a tough decision that in my estimation was the only decision left open to me to protect my health. I have been the caregiver to my wife for 15 years after nearly losing her to strokes and brain bleeds. That became an overriding factor in my decision, along with health issues I was beginning to exhibit. So, criticize if you will, but it can’t be any worse than the venom spewed at me and other board members by our caring property owners. Serving is a thankless job, and anyone running should be aware that it doesn’t matter how much good you do or work you are willing to put in; it will never be enough. How much longer did you want me to stick around and watch as a majority began shifting responsibility back to staff? What good did you really think one individual was going to have in this fight? I will assure you it wasn’t enough for me to ignore my family obligations and watch my health go downhill. It was a personal decision. Mine and I had my reasons. Many of them, but unless each and every one of you spent time with me, I don’t believe you can understand the magnitude of those issues with spending extended time with me.

I made some mistakes, and I play those over in my mind time-and-time again. And Stephen Rust, you are right; I should have voted no to Diana’s removal as Chair, except that I believe she was ready for that to happen anyway, so I abstained from voting for her being blindsided like she was. Truth be known, I wasn’t brought into the loop of what was getting ready to transpire until 20 minutes before the meeting. I called Diana one minute before the meeting was called to order to inform her. How would any of you have handled the situation if you had been blindsided like she was? Quit? Wouldn’t be a bit surprised. I would have likely had that reaction.

Vilify me if you need, but my decision did not come easy, and I did not take it lightly. I believe the Village is moving right back into too much staff control and not enough board oversight and decision making ability into staffing, programs, processes, etc. One person fighting those trends is on a hopeless journey.

As you are now faced with electing five new board members, I suggest you find candidates who have STRATEGIC thinking ability and who have exhibited it during their careers. Vetting is critical at this point, and my guess is that those who have the ability to think and implement strategically will be overshadowed by those who can’t. That is not a winning combination.

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