The second Hot Springs Village POA Board Discussion Session for 2022 was on March 2. The main purpose of this article is to provide one place where all articles regarding the meeting are linked together. Admittedly, March’s Discussion Session only netted two other articles. Also, there is additional information included here. No votes were taken at this very brief meeting [less than 19 minutes]. Voting does not occur at Discussion Sessions.

Sitting at the meeting table:

Board Members: JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Chair; Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chair; Chris Jones; Gary Belair; Pamela (Pam) Avila; Bob McLeod

Staff: Kelly Hale General Manager, and Corporate Secretary; Coreena Fetterhoff, Corporate Treasurer, and Controller; Katrina Heap, Administrative Assistant to the GM

Other staff present:

Click here to read the presentation/discussion with Jason Temple, Director of Public Services regarding the bulk purchase of residential grinder pump systems.

Click here to read the article titled, “Avila Questions Necessity of March Board Discussion Session”.


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