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Avila Questions Necessity of March Board Discussion Session

At the end of the very brief March 2, 2022 Board Discussion Session (less than 19 minutes), Board Director, Pam Avila, questioned whether the March Discussion Session was needed. Discussion followed and Vice-chair Omohundro concurred. General Manager, Kelly Hale said he has a newly implemented process where final details will be sought and complete information will be determined before items are brought before the Board.

The following transcription is deemed to be accurate to the best of my ability, but not guaranteed to be perfect.

Avila: I have a comment. So here we all are, and for a Discussion Session that isn’t going to take place, we probably could have done it via Email with a good Email. Why are we doing this?

Omohundro: Transparency.

Joanie Corry, Board Chair: And it is standard, the first and third Wednesdays of the month, we have Discussion [and a Regular Board Meeting].

Omohundro: I think when we don’t have anything more than this, we ought to not have this Discussion Session is the point.

Avila: Yeah.

Omohundro: If we have something to discuss, we have it. If we don’t. we don’t.

Avila: Yeah.

Omohundro: Yeah, this is standard, every year. As Kelly [Hale] says, he can look at it and go over it with him and Jason [Temple] and then present it to the Board. I kind of agree.

Bob McLeod, Board Director: I don’t think it is like this normally. It’s never been like this.

Hale: Well, for the Board, I put a process in this week. The first meeting is tomorrow. So this would have fallen under that umbrella that involves the Finance Group, and the three Operations Groups, that they have to go and sit with the Finance Group and get all the things vetted out that need to be done. Insurance, proper bid, contract compliance. And then they’ll bring it forward. This here does not fall into that mix, Pam. The process that I’ve put in place will help alleviate these types of things that were not prepared for the Board, to really give you the facts that I would expect that we do. And we’ll vet through those and if we don’t have anything, then I would have nothing to present to you.

Corry: Okay.

Avila: Thank you

Transcribed by Cheryl Dowden, Hot Springs Village People, March 3, 2022


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