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HSVPOA 50th Anniversary Kickoff

By Cheryl Dowden, February 2, 2020

Amid much excitement and optimism, Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association (HSVPOA) held its 50th Anniversary Kickoff at the Coronado Community Center from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

On April 20, 2020, Hot Springs Village will have reached a huge milestone of 50 years as a community.

How the organization process began

The process of formally organizing this year-long celebration began at the February 20, 2019 Board meeting, when CEO Lesley Nalley submitted a memo for the Board to hold a discussion regarding a Charter for an Ad Hoc 50th Anniversary Planning Committee. (APC).

After this Charter was approved by the Board, the search for and appointment of APC members began in earnest.

Linda Mayhood, was chosen to be the Chairperson of the APC. Additionally, Paul Bridges holds the position of Vice-Chairman. Other APC members are:

  • Laura Allwoth
  • Jane Garrison
  • Nathan Hunnicutt
  • Nancy McNally
  • Kathy Miramontes
  • Bob Shoemaker
  • Kevin Sexton
  • Ex Officio, Becky Mason

The APC “reached out to Clubs, Churches, Community Organizations, Businesses, and Property Owners who make HSV a very special place” with an invitation to help with the Anniversary celebration. These 50th Anniversary partners had booths at the kickoff. (The invitation from the APC to potential partners may be viewed at the bottom of this article.)

Much excitement at the event!

The room, a beehive of activity and encircled with the numerous partner booths, was abuzz with much laughter and positivity. Listed below are these partners, in addition to the representatives who manned the booths.

  • Big Red Realty – Tim Kinsey
  • HSV Chamber of Commerce – Faith Walker and Deb Siebert
  • Ouachita Speaker Series Board – Joanie Corry, Drew Kohle, and Becky Gifford
  • Village Greens Bowl Club (Lawn Bowling) – Howard Davis, Bob & Cheyenne Benbow, and Jeanine Preboski
  • HSV Rotary Club – Jack Gresham, Steve Wright, Kathy Wright, and John Weidert
  • Boomers Rock – Alissa Nead, Deborah Dahlstrom, and Anita Allen
  • Breakfast Lions – Patti Smith and Helen Van Stone
  • Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church – Gayle Williamson and Terry Felker-Dillman
  • HSV Republican Women – Bobbie Wilson and Sarah Yerkes
  • Animal Welfare League
  • Balboa Baptist Outreach – Denise Hussein
  • 50th Anniversary Committee Booth – Bob Shoemaker and Nancy McNalley
  • Trademark Real Estate – Linette Galbraith and Vicki Teel
  • HSV Democrats Club – Jane Browning, Linda and Glen Rider, Deb Bryan, Lisa Malmin, and Linda Ragsdale
  • HSV Voice Newspaper – Jennifer Allen, Summer Benedict, and Stephanie Highfill
  • Mt. Carmel Community – Cindy Rodriguez and Alice Kosmach
  • HSV Symphony Guild – Jim Dixon, Jim Gifford and Joe Stewart
  • Mountainside Church, A United Methodist Congregation
  • Lady Duffers – Cheryl Badger and Karen Feckler
  • HSV Recreation Department – Katrina Heap
  • Arkansas Picnic – Amy Thomas, Jesse, and Lee Ann Branch (To sign up for the Arkansas Picnic, please contact Amy at joblab@suddenlink.net or Lee Ann at rangersmom@att.net)
  • RE/MAX – Pat Bollier and Clara Nicolosi

The booths had many informational handouts regarding their organizations and also information regarding future-planned events. Some of the booths had raffles for some nice prizes and also free pens, cookies, candy, etc.

A few photos of the event (click on photos to enlarge and click on arrows located all the way on the right side of your screen to advance through the slide show)

CEO launched the celebration

CEO Lesley Nalley launched the celebration, with Board Chair Cindi Erickson following and APC Chair Linda Mayhood finishing up.

The CEO thanked everyone for coming to the 50th Anniversary Kickoff. She said, “Today we celebrate a vision that was originally cast by John A. Cooper, Senior in the late ’60’s. I have here an Arkansas Democrat article from January 21, 1970, describing the new $500 million recreation-oriented residential retirement community. “

Nalley elaborated, “His son, John Cooper, Junior, announced the plan at, of all things, a meeting of Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.”

Nalley said that Mr. Cooper projected that there would be 20,000 full-time residents in Hot Springs Village by 1990. He also said these residents would contribute $100 million in buying power to the Garland and Saline economy.

Nalley explained, “By last count, our last annual economic impact is $371 million. I’d say we’re carrying on his legacy well.”

Our tagline for the 50th Anniversary is “Proud Past” and “Strong Future”.

The CEO said this event and others would not be possible without our “phenomenal 50th Anniversary Planning Committee.” Ms. Nalley also gave thanks to the POA staff and event sponsors.

Nalley said, “All I can say folks is we asked for a party and this committee gave us a whole year! Wow!”

CEO Nalley also thanked the Cooper family, their staff and our POA Board Directors. She said, “We salute those that came before us and we pray for those that follow, as we envision our next 50 years.”

More event photos (click on photos to enlarge and click on arrows located all the way on the right side of your screen to advance through the slide show)

Board Chair Erickson
Nice crowd
Linda Mayhood, Chairperson of the APC
Nice crowd
Chief Midleton
CEO Lesley Nalley
Wine an Cheese by RE/MAX
Wine an Cheese by RE/MAX

Board Chair says HSV is, “a place where you can truly live your dreams”

Next, POA Board Chair Cindi Erickson said, “It’s a year of great celebration here in Hot Springs Village. As we reflect upon our proud past and look forward to a strong future. We have so much to be proud of, starting with the realization of a vision by John A. Cooper in 1970, from which over 14,000 of us residents and other owners continue to benefit. “

Erickson stated that Villagers enjoy a multitude of benefits including many golfing experiences, lakes, a myriad of other recreational and entertainment opportunities, numerous dining facilities and much, much more.

Chair Erickson said that HSV is “a place where you can truly live your dreams.” HSV is a place where we can live life to its fullest.

Erickson said, “As Board Chair, one aspect of Hot Springs Village that continues to astound me is that this amazing quality of life comes at such an affordable cost. This is possible only because of the passion and dedication of our employees who keep an eye toward our future, supplemented by endless contributions of time and talent of resident volunteers. To them, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.”

APC Chair talks about planned events

In summation, Linda Mayhood welcomed everyone to the 50th Anniversary Party. Linda said the committee has been working on the event for approximately a year.

This event was the premier event of many planned occasions scheduled throughout the year. (Please stay tuned as further details from the POA are finalized and released.) Some of these scheduled events are:

  • Community-wide Birthday Party – April 20, 2020
  • April 20, 2020 (evening) – event
  • July 1, 2020 – Ice cream giveaway at Balboa Beach
  • July 4, 2020 – Grove Park – Family day with music and activities
  • September 26 – Beach Party at Balboa Beach – Free Concert featuring Colt and the Old 45’s

Ms. Mayhood said it really is an honor to chair the APC and “I worked for the POA for 40 years before I retired. When I first went to work for the POA, the offices were located in downtown Hot Springs.”

There are probably not many here in the Village with Ms. Mayhood’s depth of knowledge of the history of Hot Springs Village and the POA. Thank you, Ms. Mayhood, for your continued service, even after retirement.

Laura Allwoth was responsible for the wonderful slide show presentation.

RE/MAX sponsored this event by providing wine and cheese/fruit/crackers. Delicious!


We are not getting older. We are getting better. May the Village and Villagers, alike, thrive far into the future. As they say, “Proud Past,” and “Strong Future.”


Invitation from APC to prospective partners


By Cheryl Dowden, February 2, 2020

Thank you for reading this article. Please come and join us on February 22, 2020 for a non-partisan Board Candidate Meet and Greet. Click here to view the announcement for this event.

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