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HSV Trails Committee Report June 16, 2021

On June 16, 2021 James Carpenter, Chair of the Trails Committee, updated the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board on the committee activities. This report to the Board is made quarterly.

In addition to the committee members, HSVPOA Parks & Recreation Manager, Terry Wiley, and Michael Bynaker, Event Coordinator for Parks and Recreation also attend the monthly committee meetings.

We have around 42 miles of trails. “We keep expanding – building new trails. We always have good comments that the trail system is wonderful here,” stated Carpenter.

Trails Committee Tasks

Each Trail Committee member is assigned four to six miles of trail. Each month the committee member is responsible for making sure the trails are clean and safe. Any problems are reported to Staff.

Every year the committee members inspect all the culverts, stairs, parking areas, bridges, benches, etc. that are located on/at the trails. A yearly report is made.

The committee works with the Friends of the Village Trail Group. In the spring and fall, the committee holds monthly workdays where clean-up of the dams and trails is accomplished. As a thank you, the workers receive a free lunch. To avoid the heat, this work does not occur in the summer months.

In March, the committee sponsored a Trails Photo Contest.

Magellan Beaver Dam area was recently cleaned up. Twelve-year-old Boy Scout and Villager, Jacob Rowe, volunteered to stain the bird blind. “It looks really nice now,” said the committee chair. Janet Rowe, Guy Richardson, Jan Miles, and Kris Wester used the leftover stain to paint the railing on the bridge.

The April events were mostly rained out. But even though it was raining, some of the committee members cleared out a new pathway to the Pineda Dam.

There were 66 participants in the Dam-to-Dam Hike.

A water trail on Lake DeSoto was worked out, which should help promote usage of Waypoint.

Upcoming Projects

In September there will be a Kayak and 5K Run event and also a Full-Moon Walk. More details will be given at the committee’s next presentation to the Board.

The Woodworkers Club approached the Trails Committee saying they noticed a lot of the benches are in disrepair. A list of benches needing repair is being compiled. Used deck lumber [free] is being supplied for this project.

The committee compiled a list of where trail signs are needed. They are looking at ways to collect donations to pay for the new signage.

They are working to post the new trails on the Explore the Village website.

By Cheryl Dowden, June 17, 2021

Trails Committee Presentation Notes


Hot Springs Village Trails Master Plan – 2021


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