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HSV Restaurants Feed First Responders at Scene of Tragic Accident

In a show of gratitude to area first responders, a group of Hot Springs Village restaurateurs stepped up to the plate and provided them with delicious hot meals on January 18.


Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy visited Hot Springs Village at Lake DeSoto, on January 16, 2022, when a kayak containing a young couple overturned. As previously reported, the female, Olivia Sheffler, was transported to the hospital by LifeNet. Seargent Andrew Maestas’s body was recovered on January 18.

Melinda’s Cafe and Coffee

Alanna and Daniel Owen of Melinda’s Cafe and Coffee, located at 3901 N State Hwy 7, delivered a variety of homemade delicacies in the morning. This assortment of tasty pastries included sausage, sausage jalapeño (klobasnik), and apple with cream cheese kolache. Other Village eateries helped to provide lunch.

Corbett’s Chicago Cart

Corbett’s Chicago Cart (Hot Dog Bob Corbett) sent a whole pan of all-beef Chicago Dogs. The dogs were pre-dressed with onions, pickles, sport peppers, and mustard with a little relish. Half were served on regular buns and half on poppy seed buns. Hot Dog Bob can be found on most days outside the West Gate on the west side of DeSoto Boulevard at the Cordoba Center.

BBQ Pitt’s Stop

Aaron and Kimberly Pitts, owners of the BBQ Pitt’s Stop, located outside of One of a Kind Antiques, at 372 East Glazypeau Road, served a Southern Style 5-Bean Stew with Pork Tenderloin Medallions, accompanied with avocado crema and guacamole. Dessert was Kimberly’s famous homemade Pumpkin Spice Cake.

Blue Elephant

Joseph and Jenn Stansel owners/operators of the Blue Elephant, located at 250 Maderas Drive at the Granada Golf Course, provided smoked sausage with grilled peppers and onions.

The Delivery

Ms. Pitts picked up Hot Dog Bob’s contribution and met Ms. Stansel at the HSV Calella Road Police station shortly before noon. Sgt. Brian Nickles assisted in the delivery and service of the meal at the Waypoint Marina (Lake DeSoto) to feed the hard-working crews.

Dishes, napkins, and cutlery were provided by BBQ Pitt’s Stop and Blue Elephant.

Originally, the restaurateurs were also planning on feeding the family of the accident victims, but the relatives left the Village shortly after identifying Sgt. Andrew Maestas.

Kimberly Pitts said, “it always warms my heart when I get to call my ‘friends’ and they jump on board to help Our Village! We know it is a very small gesture, but our hope is the rescue workers feel the love and support from us.”

Let’s show our gratitude and support to the local first responders and to these generous food service professionals for their unwavering commitment and service to the community.

By Cheryl and Joseph Dowden, January 19, 2022

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