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HSV Positives

Just to Play With Your Head written by Bruce Weik

Here are some positives I see in the Village:

HSV Positive Number one

This is the only time in my property ownership experience that my property taxes have gone down. I suppose my property lost value? At any rate, my escrow account sent me a check for $350 for over-payment. I hurried to the bank.

HSV Positive Number Two

The East end is getting a much-needed mini-mart. coffee shop, deli. At least that’s the scuttlebutt. While not a full grocery store, it will be appreciated and hopefully will be supported.

HSV Positive Number three

Our crime rate is low. Many people attribute that to the gates. Our sister Village, Bella Vista, has about the same rate without gates. I’m guessing everyone realizes rich people are well armed.

Hsv positive number four

Our residents are highly experienced in a wide variety of areas. From generals to CEO’s to land barons to politicians to engineers. You would think we could solve just about any problem that comes along, but that is not the case. We prefer to buy the answers rather than ask knowledgeable residents for their help. This is a failure in leadership, at the board and CEO level.


We have a lot of variety in terms of activities available to residents. Of course, golf is our major feature. People complain about this. I suppose they didn’t notice our 9 courses when they bought. People don’t want to subsidize golf if they don’t play it. Or tennis. Or pickleball. I’m not sure what they believe a community is. Or should be. For the common good, you pay for some things that you don’t use but others do.

HSV Positive number six

We do have clubs. Card clubs. Knitting clubs. Fraternal clubs. Fishing clubs. A lot of clubs. I prefer to sit in the backyard looking at the deer that I mistakenly feed or the stars at night. People scare me, particularly the ones with clubs.

Written by Bruce Weik – Owner of “The Village Whisperer”

Beautiful Sunset Hot Springs Village, Arkansas (photo by Linda Van Scotter)
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