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HSV Neighborhood Alliance Project

Update on 10/21/19 at bottom of this article

Cynthia Ganz gave a presentation on October 11, 2019 to the Comprehensive Master Plan Advisory Committee on a proposed Neighborhood Alliance in Hot Springs Village. This alliance is being proposed in order to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors, Management and the Villagers. This presentation was met with mixed reviews by the CMPAC members, but mostly good reviews from the community on Nextdoor and in the audience. Thank you, Cynthia, for your diligent efforts in trying to find a solution for better communication in the community.

Click Below to View Ganz’s Presentation


Click Below to View Ganz’s Powerpoint Presentation


Click Below to View the Proposed Charter for the Hot Springs Village Neighborhood Alliance


Click Below to View the Hot Springs Village Neighborhood Alliance Mission Statement & Candidate Qualifications


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Commentary on Ganz’s plan from the CMPAC

Chairman of CMPAC, Keith Keck, said the plan is a potential way of communicating at the grass-roots level.

Clint Blackman said, “This is not in the CMP.  I don’t know where she should present it, but I question whether it is here because it is not within our purview.”

Vice Chairman of CMPAC, Nikki Choyce, said, “The fact that it has a two-way communication modality built into is good.  People need to feel heard and people need to feel like their voice is being represented.  However, only as a communication tool, because we have a governing structure here and that cannot be changed at this point.”

Board Director, Buddy Dixon, said, “Everything she is talking about involves operations.  The Board does not get involved in operations.  So if they come up with problems with potholes or streets or drainage or whatever, that’s got to go to staff, not to the Board.”

Blackman, stated, “and it assumes that potholes are not being taken care of.”

Ganz, said, “It doesn’t assume that.  That was an example.”

Blackman asked, “Why re-create another wheel, when we have plenty of committees and places that people can plug in and help?”

Pam Avila said to Blackman, “I hear what you are saying and I understand.  But I think that a lot of, and this is just my own personal feeling, I think that a lot of the challenge for the Village right now is that people don’t feel heard.”  The residents do not feel the committees represent them.  This provides a mechanism for grass-roots communication.  “The committees that we have, the process that we have now, is not working.”

Blackman stated, “This is working. This divides up our community!  This divides up our community!  And we have seen this before in other municipalities where they go to a division plan and then people start taking sides.  This is the start.”

Avila asked, “And you think people in this community haven’t taken sides now?”

Blackman, “I think they are a minority.”

HSVPOA Director of Placemaking and Development, Stephanie Heffer, asked if Ganz was looking for an endorsement?

Ganz said she was sharing information and is not asking permission to do this.  “I am asking cooperation if this gets done.”

“I need somebody to cooperate and listen to us and respond to us, in writing.”

Ganz said there have been many ideas for use of the Balboa Clubhouse and she didn’t know if the Board saw these ideas.

Rolland White said his only concern is that this system doesn’t become a chokepoint. 

Avila asked that the meetings for this be in the evening in order to be more inclusive of the working population.

Some comments from the audience

Diane Bielanski (audience) said she is one of the leads on Nextdoor and that every topic on Nextdoor becomes a complaint session and there are not any positive next steps built into the Nextdoor infrastructure.  “I myself, as a lead, would welcome the opportunity to at least pilot such a notion.”

Marcy Mermel, “In 2015, I put together a program much like this. We called it the House of Representatives.”  Mermel offered her assistance to Ganz.

Nancy Luehring applauded the efforts of Ganz.

YouTube Video of Cynthia Ganz’s Neighborhood Alliance Presentation

Meeting on November 14, 2019

There is a meeting on November 14th at 1:00 at Ponce de Leon in the Ouachita room to try and firm up the boundaries for the 21 districts.

Update: Cynthia Ganz’s 11/20/19 BOD presentation


The next Neighborhood Alliance meeting time and date are to be announced.

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