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CMPAC Meeting October 11, 2019

Note: This report is dedicated to Patricia McCarthy, a very valued CMPAC member, who passed from this earth a few weeks ago.  Chairman Keck said, “Patricia was a unique individual.”  Patricia, in her always modest manner, said she was just a common person who lives in the Village.  She will be greatly missed by many in the community and most especially by her husband Patrick. We are grateful to have known Patricia and are appreciative of her work.

The Comprehensive Master Plan Advisory Committee (CMPAC) held a meeting on October 11, 2019. Committee members in attendance were Chairman Keith Keck, Vice-Chairman Nikki Choyce, President of Cooper Homes Jody Latham, Murray Claasen, Pam Avila, Rolland White, Secretary Tom Heau, and Clint Blackman. Also in attendance were Buddy Dixon, Board of Director Liaison and Stephanie Heffer, Staff Liaison (HSVPOA Director of Placemaking and Development).

The YouTube video recording of this meeting is at the end of this article.

Chairman Keck started off by jokingly commenting on the cool weather, saying, “The temperature is only about 50 degrees or is it lower than that?  In the 40’s now?  Welcome to Winter!  We did pass right through Fall this morning, so hope you enjoyed it.”  (Audience laughs)

Action Items

Some of the action items discussed were:

  • Should the CMPAC take on the task of amenity subsidization, facility condition indexing, or evaluating the amenity prioritization tool?
  • The Communication Subcommittee proposed a FAQ to be posted on the HSVPOA website.
  • Request to update the POA board in November.
  • Explain the definition of “pocket” neighborhood.
  • Posting of CMPAC opening – No applications have been received.
  • Growth Prioritization Tool.

Keck addressed rumors, asking that if you see some of these rumors to please ask the sources. 

CMPAC 2019/2020 Goals

Keck listed the CMPAC goals:

  • Board review in November
  • CMPAC will have 4 SWOT’s
  • Strategic review of 2020 budget
  • Create a FAQ
  • CMP Implementation Tables
  • Updating CMPAC information on POA website
  • Organizational structure

Heffer discussed CMP Implementation Tables and Wayfinding

Stephanie Heffer discussed the CMP Implementation Tables.  Staff is aware committee members will be contacting them to “fine-tune” these tables.

Stephanie said the Wayfinding project next year is to “get the public involvement and obtain input from the community and then begin the process of graphic design.”  [Wayfinding is a sign project.]

CMPAC Subcommittee reports

  • Nikki Choyce gave a Project Management Update
    • Vice Chairman Nikki Choyce updated the committee on Project Management.  Nikki and Rolland White are reviewing the projects and grouping them into “what they call portfolios, big, big buckets.”  There are seven (7) portfolios they are working on.  They have made their first pass through the list.  They are making progress.
  • Jamie Caperton and Pam Avila talked about Marketing (There is a separate report on these presentations.)
    • Chief Member Experience Officer Jamie Caperton gave a marketing update. (Separate report.) 10:56 in video
    • Marketing Subcommittee Chairman Pam Avila gave an update on the subcommittee recommendations. (These are not the final recommendations, and are also covered in the separate report.) 39:00 in video
  • Rolland White Update on Growth and Community Development
    • They are developing an “Age in Place Strategy.”
    • Determine the buildability of lots and determine what lots should be suspended.  Heffer said, “We definitely have most of that analysis done.”
    • Finally, develop a “Fire Wise” policy with a rating for all the homes.
  • Nikki Choyce gave a Communications Update
    • FAQ used during the Charettes was a starting point in developing a new FAQ to put on the POA website.  Avila and Choyce have gone through the original FAQ and listed additional questions and answers.  In order to be “truthful”, they are finding and citing the source for all information.  The first drafting of the new FAQ is complete and 50 to 60 percent of the FAQ’s have been sourced.

CMPAC to give BOD a presentation in November

The CMPAC will present a review to the Board of Directors at the November 20, 2019 Board Meeting.  This presentation will be an update on the things the CMPAC had done.

Stephanie Heffer defined a “pocket neighborhood”

Potential Added CMPAC Tasks

  • Amenity subsidy analysis/policy development
    • Keck stated the ad hoc Budget Subcommittee is now disbanded.  Keck asked Director Dickson, “Is there going to be something else?  Finance Committee or whatever.”
    • Dixon replied, “Eventually, from what I understand, they will have a Finance Committee at some point.  But nothing has been done about it yet, because this one is just over with.”
    • Keck asked if amenity subsidy analysis would be something a Finance Committee would look at.
    • Director Luehring (in the audience) responded to this.  “My personal opinion is, yes, the Finance Committee should handle it more than this committee.”
  • Choyce talks about decision-making support tools review, specifically, the “growth prioritization” tool.
    • Should the committee make recommendations on these decision-making tools that the staff uses?  Choyce stated, “Obviously if you are using a tool to help make a decision, the quality of the decision is in direct proportion to the quality of the tool that you use.”
    • Tom Heau stated, “This is in our wheelhouse.  It is in the CMP.”
    • Choyce said it would be nice to do a “gap analysis on what other tools we need.”
    • Claasen said, “I think it is important that you guys work through that.  Think about maybe another tool that would apply to more of the 271 implementation tasks.”  These two tools apply to a very small percentage of these tasks.
    • Choyce said the tool we are using assumes a bias of new construction versus an existing amenity.
  • Murray Classen discusses Facility Condition Indexing (FCI) tools
    • How much are we willing to spend on maintenance before replacing our facilities?  (This is the theory behind the FCI.)
    • In regard to inspection assessment, Classen said, “Basically what you have to do is go through every system, every aspect of the building, including things like parking lots, obviously, AC and lights, fire suppression, those sorts of things.”
    • Claasen referred to a handout of the inspection criteria that have been used in the past by the Public Services Committee.
    • Claasen said his history with the committee goes back about two and a half years.  “During this time period, building management and maintenance was not a part of the POA staff that we worked with.  Earlier this year when the staff reorganized, buildings came back into the purview of the Public Services Committee.” We now have plans which are supported by Jason Temple, to rework the inspection criteria.
    • The Public Services Committee will be doing the FCI.
    • White stated the committee did this ten years ago and it was primarily cosmetic and visual.  “We did not do electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, or roofs.  These inspections need to be done by the experts in these fields.
    • Keck said when we make future recommendations, CMPAC needs to have the data from these inspections.
    • Heffer said we need this information when we discuss the Balboa Clubhouse in the future in order to make a decision as to whether we need to renovate or tear down and rebuild.
    • White said we do not have a lot of flexibility with a lot of our buildings.  Eighty-five of our buildings can only be used for a single purpose.  (Examples are cart barns, halfway houses, pump houses, etc.)  Fifty-eight of these single-use buildings are related to golf.  Sixty-three percent of the buildings, by count, are related to golf and ninety-two percent, by count, are single-purpose buildings.

Cynthia Ganz gave a presentation on her proposed HSV neighborhood Alliance.  (There is a separate report for this.)

Nikki Choyce is looking for a consensus on the definition of short, mid-term and long-term projects

CMPAC Meeting 10/11/19

By Cheryl Dowden, October 14, 2019

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