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Old Versus New

Update on February 5, 2021 at end of article.

Internet speed seems to be a hot topic in the Village. Hot Springs Villager, Frank Leeming, has some very good news to report regarding his internet speed. This is what Mr. Leeming said:

“Suddenlink (our internet, phone and cable provider) sent us a new modem.  After it was installed, I went to seven internet speed-test sites to measure and compare our new speed to what we measured last March.  The results are below.  If you’re curious about what speed you’re getting, just click on the hyperlinks below and take the test.  As you can see, with our new modem, we’re getting better than 400 Mbps.  The national goal is 25 Mbps.”

Although the Leemings have recently moved house (still in the Village), their internet speed was the same at their new location until Suddenlink installed a new modem.

Speed tests on 3-13-20 (1st numbers) & 2-4-21 (2nd numbers)

Testmy.net – 26 Mbps/3.6        440.3 Mbps /3.2 Mbps
         38.5 / 3.4

Speedof.me – 79.69 / 23.37        273.47 / 43.75

Speedtest.net – 216.12 / 21.97    404.26 / 32.65

Xfinity Speed test – 216.2 /         437.9 /

Internet Health Test – didn’t work       432.6 / 43.0

Speedsmart – 220.03 / 4.54        428.72 / 15.26

Fast.com – 220 Mbps / 16        200 Mbps / 38 Mbps

* * *

Professional IT Consultant, Dennis Simpson Weighs In

Dennis Simpson, who is entering his 28th year of IT Tech and Security and Video Surveillance Manager, had this response to Frank:

“Suddenlink (and all cable providers) use DOCIS 3.1 protocol. This protocol essentially takes “channels” on the cable systems and combines them. Until 2014 or so (when ATT ran the fiber from Benton to Mountain Pine), Suddenlink used DOCIS 3.0 and had a top speed of around 50 megs (AT BEST).

“I ran into Renee Steinpreis in 2014 immediately after the ATT fiber installation and told her to go get the new modem. When she installed the modem using the 3.1 protocol, her speed jumped four times (for the SAME monthly fee).

“Instead of 8 channel (DOCIS 3.0),  3.1 uses 32 channels. So when buying a replacement modem to use with Suddenlink you MUST have 3.1 or 32 channels.

 “I have regularly measured 425 to 475 megs with the service at our rentals.

“After losing an $1100 booking at a townhouse because we ONLY had 45 meg (ATT hot spot) speed and four remote working ladies would be there (over VPN – significantly slowing the speed) I decided that cable would be best for us. It’s been great at a cost of only $60 per month with unlimited data.

“Now, the “rub” … Suddenlink (as a rule) will not come out and swap your box ‘unless it is failing”. Definition? I think if it is FAILING to give you the speed you are PAYING for it is FAILING.

“And to all of you out there thinking “I have Suddenlink and it’s NOWHERE CLOSE to that speed.” I remind you. Frank did this RIGHT. I AM CERTAIN he is on a WIRED connection and with nothing else on the circuit.

“Wireless (unless using 5.0 gigahertz) is limited to 54 megs. Using a phone or wireless device SELDOM reaches 50 megs or over because of the inherent limits of wifi.”

* * *

Special thanks to Frank Leeming and Dennis Simpson for sharing this information with us. If you need technical assistance, Dennis can be reached via email at dennis@totaltech-ar.com or by telephone at (501) 350-0227.

Here is a link to an in-depth report by Robert LeMay, titled, “Cell Phone Signal Strength in Hot Springs Village.”

* * *

Hot Springs Village Check your internet speed

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