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HSV Ballot Process Update

By Former Board Director, Marcy G. Mermel, 3/16/2020

After several exchanges with the POA, Board Chair, Cindi Erickson, emailed me on March 14th, reminding me that the current [Board] policy reads that “No provision will be made for replacement ballots.”  

She also explained that when checking back a couple of days earlier, the “no-ballot-received” inquiries for properties in good standing were only 8 – however, I was told that there were other inquiries that had been satisfactorily resolved.

We acknowledged that Renee Haugen had made sure I was on the “mailed” list and checked as well with the Vendor.  Cindi felt that given these circumstances and ongoing activities, she saw no need to deviate from the policy, and as my last resort, I should let her know if I would like to “appeal this policy affirmation with the board.”


My response was as follows:

Yes, I understand Renee has done her best to track my ballot package through the printing/distribution/holding company’s records.  I also understand that the bad address envelopes have been checked to make sure mine was not one of them. And statistically, if the bad ballot packages group is less than 1%, that is considered very good.  

No, Cindi, I do not wish to get involved in some official appeal process with the board- that would waste all of our time and still would not magically produce the ballots- I just want to be able to vote.  

There are 9 days left. I am going to hope and pray that in fact my ballots were processed and the USPS comes through. At this point, I am resolved that there is no other choice. 

Some good News?

I did speak with Election Chair, Mr. Yeric, and he now knows who the Ballot Vendor is.

Also, being on the Election Counting Committee myself, I asked him if I could bring my laptop and run an unofficial spreadsheet of the final tally of the bundles after the CFO inputs them into her spreadsheet for a “double check” of the final numbers.  He said, “I don’t think so.”  

Mr. Yeric feels we must trust the system in the room that day.  I trust Mr. Yeric unequivocally, so that is what I will do.  

I don’t know why the board decided not to have someone (e.g., the Vendor, a volunteer, or a Village attorney) deal with ballot issues this year.  If there are 8-plus issues that the POA knows about that remain unresolved, and others that have been resolved, I’m not sure if that means there are really very few or really many more out there that have just not bothered to contact them.  

No matter what, I believe everyone that is interested enough to contact the “powers that be”, and willing to sign a legally notarized affidavit, should be allowed to vote.  

8 days and counting…Next year we can start earlier and do better…  

By Former Board Director, Marcy G. Mermel, 3/16/2020


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