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Hot Springs Village – New Trash Carts Coming

Trash Carts Coming to Hot Springs Village

The following notice was in the Hot Springs Village Digest on Friday, May 28, 2021:

It’s time for you to select your trash cart. These new carts that you will receive and begin to use later this year are a key part of our improved trash collection system. 

The new side-loading trash trucks are scheduled to arrive early next year in 2022 and will automatically empty your new trash cart. This new system will enable us to cut costs by reducing trash collection labor and time. 

One cart will be provided to each single-family home. 

Townhouse Association residents can disregard this notice at this time. 

You may select the 64-gallon or 96-gallon cart. If you do not choose a cart size by June 22, you will automatically receive a 96-gallon cart.

You are welcome to see and “test drive” our model carts a the POA Administration Building during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM). 

Please print and fill out this form and return it to the POA by June 22. Or come to the POA to fill out a form during business hours.

Solid Waste Trash Container Request Form


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