We are very excited to announce that Hot Springs Village has two locations for its new, “Give a Book Take a Book” program. These are just two more reasons to love living in Hot Springs Village.

On the Hot Springs Village Official YouTube Channel, Terry Wiley, Hot Springs Village Parks & Recreation Manager, shares with the community the new “Give a Book – Take a Book” locations, along with Lee Smith, President of Hot Springs Village Woodworkers.

Hot Springs Village residents give a very special show of appreciation to the Friends of the Coronado Library , the Hot Springs Village Woodworkers Club, and the Hot Springs Village POA, who all worked together to develop this wonderful program.

The two locations to check a book out and leave one are near the pickleball courts at DeSoto Recreation Center and Grove Park.”

The Pickleball Courts are located at 209 DeSoto Boulevard and Grove Park is located at 1105 DeSoto Boulevard.

We hope you experience much enjoyment from this new program.

Below is a map of Hot Springs Village.


By Cheryl Dowden, May 28, 2021

* * *

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