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Hot Springs Village Couple Serves Community

By Cheryl Dowden, February 3, 2021

Hot Springs Village – A Thousand Points of Light Community

Hot Springs Village, long known for its volunteerism and spirit of giving, was named a Thousand Points of Light Community by President George H. W. Bush. According to Wikipedia, “In 1990 Bush spearheaded the creation of the Points of Light Foundation, the goal of which was to promote private, non-governmental solutions to social issues.”

President Bush said, “We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light…We all have something to give.”

The Tradition Continues

The Hot Springs Village’s long-standing tradition of volunteerism continues today with many individuals including Villagers, Mike and Kris Wester.

Janet Rowe, a valued volunteer and also a member of the Trails Committee, was contacted by Kris and Mike. The Westers had an unusual request. They wanted to help fix the bird information boxes on the Magellan Beaver Dam Trail. These boxes were in serious need of repair.

Janet obtained permission from the Trails Committee Chairperson, Paul Barnard. She gave the Wester’s the go-ahead to perform the much-needed work, and the task was begun.

The industrious Mrs. Wester explained, “We were enjoying the warm sunny days of January on the trail and Mike noticed how those signs could use some work. He’s the type that likes to keep busy, and so he told me to ask my friend, Janet Rowe, if anyone would care if he could make new ones. That’s how the project started. It was fun! We did a little at a time so we had an excuse to go out there more often! We figured it was one small way we could give back to the community for the beautiful trails we get to enjoy!”

Janet said, “They did such a marvelous job. Mike created new cedarwood stanchions for the information plaques, also replaced some of the hardware and Kris cleaned the plaques. I know that they did not do this for any recognition, but I thought that they deserved to be applauded for their sense of Community. They saw a need, asked permission, and upon getting it, did it!”

Janet continued, “so when you walk the Beaver Dam Trail and notice the new beautiful displays, please think of them.”

POA Shows Appreciation

As a show of appreciation for their efforts, Todd Noles, HSVPOA Common Property/Forestry Manager hand-delivered a beautifully personalized thank you card to the Westers. Todd said, “We thank Mr. and Mrs. Wester for their volunteering and hard work to help keep our wonderful community the beautiful place we all love so much. I thank all the volunteers that we have individually or on committees that share the same passion for Hot Springs Village.” In addition to Noles, the card was also signed by Director of Public Works, Jason Temple, and Parks and Grounds Manager, Norman Meredith.

About the Westers

The Westers have been residents of Hot Springs Village since May 31, 2019. Kris Wester said, “we had never been to Arkansas. My husband retired in December 2018. We wanted to go someplace warm for a couple of weeks to bring his bass boat and we decided to go to Hot Springs Arkansas. While we were there, we heard about the Village.” After selling their Iowa home in only eight days, they became Villagers. We are glad they chose Hot Springs Village.

Photography courtesy of Janet Rowe.

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