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Hot Springs Village ACC Meeting Report July 1, 2021

The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Architectural Control Committee met on Thursday, July 1, 2021, at 8:30 a.m at the Coronado Community Center.

Committee members are Janet Rowe, Chairperson; Duane Heckelsberg, Vice-chairperson; Kenneth Gordon; George Kittner; Larry Brocaw; John Hyduke; and Ron Poshard. All property owner committee members were present.

The staff committee member is Stephanie Heffer, Director of Programs and Operations. She was absent from this meeting.

Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chair of the HSVPOA Board, and liaison to the committee was also present.

Charlie Brown, Code Enforcement Manager, was in attendance.

Permits Approved

  • 35 Toledo Drive – solar panels
  • 39 Costa del Lago – landscaping
  • 9 Levantino Lane – boat dock addition
  • 1196 DeSoto Boulevard – Lutheran Church requested an additional sign on their frontage
  • 62 Salvatierra Way – fence and flag pole, pole approved, fence approved with stipulation that they inform as to what type of metal fence
  • 3 Sosegado Place – hot tub
  • 5 Docente Lane – landscaping
  • 101 Calella Drive – paint – Application was submitted to paint the old Regions Bank building in the commercial area off of Calella Drive. The request was for a white building with a red roof, for a new restaurant going into that location. The majority vote was for approval and following the vote the requestor decided on his own to make the red, more of a red brick color, which is acceptable.

Permits Denied

  • 101 Clubhouse Drive – sign – denied  – open for re-submittal with color change for the background of the sign. Explore DeSoto
  • 121 DeSoto Center Drive – screen – denied – The owner wanted to put up a lattice-type fence to screen commercial trash. Lattice fences are not allowed and it was recommended that the owner re-submit with different fencing, either a plank fence or board-on-board. Commercial establishments can use those types of fences.
  • 110/112 Murillo Way – parking – owner wished to park anywhere on her property, residential lot, and unoccupied lot next door. Parking rules state that parking is to be in a garage, carport, or driveway.

ACC Chair Comments

The yard art issue discussed at the last ACC meeting was reported on in the Hot Springs Village Voice on June 22, 2021, in an article by Reporter, Lewis Delavan. Click here to read the Voice article. This is what the Voice said:

“Compliance staff told the committee it has received a complaint about allegedly excessive decoration in a yard beside a Saline County golf course.

“Photos showed a wide variety of yard decoration, including a pink bench, yard statues, a bright yellow sunflower sculpture, and many other colorful objects.

“Code Enforcement Manager Charlie Brown said he would talk to the owners to see if they would be amenable to reducing their decoration.

“The committee will study the issue to try and define what would be excessive.”

Additionally, there has been a discussion on Facebook concerning the matter of yard art.  The ACC Chair has been collecting those opinions and suggestions made on social media and there will be a discussion at the ACC meeting on July 15.

Property Owners in Attendance

Melinda Alvord, Property Owner, was in attendance as an observer. The Gifford’s of 35 Toledo Dr. were present to answer any concerns that the committee had concerning their solar panel application.


Charlie Brown presented inspection, permitting, and compliance statistical numbers:

Inspections YTD 2020 – 1119 *** YTD 2021 – 1484

Small permits YTD 2020 –  642 ***    YTD  2021 – 317

New homes   YTD 2020 – 35  *** YTD  2021 – 65

Compliance complaints YTD 2021  –  433. Out of the 433 total YTD complaints, 137 concerned storage/parking of vehicles,  110 complaints were ‘other’ with most associated with lake usage, 82 concerned exterior property premises issues,  and 26 were for failure to obtain permits.

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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Agenda 7-1-21


ACC meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 8:30 a.m. Meetings are located at the Coronado Community Center, Room 3. 

Click here to email the Architectural Control Committee Chair

Janet Rowe, July 6, 2021

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