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Hot Spring Villagers’ Expectations

Written by Lloyd Sherman

Hot Spring Villagers’ Expectations – Now that a few days have passed since the unfortunate events of the latest board meeting, I have been reflecting on our path forward. As I looked at the videos, talked to people who were in attendance, and then reflected on the information gathered, I found myself at a point where I still couldn’t put a finger on the catalyst that spun the meeting out-of-control. Was it:

1. The motion attempting to move the discussion on a Finance Committee into this meeting?

2. Was it the “Decorum” document outlining the new rules of conduct?

Hot Springs Village Board Meeting Decorum Rules

3. Was it the ludicrous suggestion that the comment period was moved from 2 to 3 minutes and then a 10-minute time limit put on that item. After all, that would mean only 3 people would get a chance to speak.

4. Was it Brian Darst continuing to point out that we ARE NOT conducting our meetings in compliance with Roberts Rules?

5. Or was it the appearance that nothing was going to change and it was business as usual?

I suggest to you that it is probably a combination of all the above and maybe others that other individuals had with the business as usual appearance.

I would like to remind everyone that we had the realization that we might still be one election away from regaining control of the Board. For me, I think my biggest disappointment was the realization that we, in fact, will most likely have a 4/3 divided board on most issues this year and that our hope was not a realistic expectation.

It’s time for cooler heads to prevail and to moderate our hopes to what is most likely reasonable expectations. We voted three like-minded individuals this year and I believe that while they are not having the impact we had hoped, they are having an impact. Let’s give them credit for beginning by supporting the increase of the 2-minute comment time to 3 minutes. There are at least discussions of a Finance Committee. There are at least discussions of a Marketing Committee. What I am suggesting is that what we need for expectations at this point is BABY STEPS.

I am going to continue to make my concerns and comments known to the entire Board, with a few only going to the Board Chair on protocol issues and I suggest those wanting to be involved do the same.

HSV Never Lose Hope
Hot Springs Village Expectations – Never Lose Hope

Mostly, I suggest we give our new board members time to accomplish what they can. I know they are working hard towards change. Reality is that it’s not too late to start thinking about organizing our candidates for next year and make sure we get two more to finish out the transition that must take place.

Written by Lloyd Sherman, May 18, 2019

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