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Gene Garner’s Reflection

By Gene Garner, May 25, 2020

Frank Leeming has emailed us a statement by John Weidert who cast the deciding vote when the POA Board adopted the unrecorded Comprehensive Master Plan. This was in his final meeting as board president. I thank Frank for his continuing efforts. [Click here to read Mr. Weidert’s statement.]

Since I was mentioned in the postscript to Weidert’s statement I think I should give my response to what he posted.

First of all as a retired USAF M/Sgt, and although I only served 23 years, I respect all who gave their time, their energy, and their youth in the service of their country. I respect them for the reasons most civilians don’t understand, the missed; anniversaries, graduations, and holidays. The uprooting of our families, pulling the kids out of school, starting all over at a new base every 3-4 years, the 4 cents/mile for a PCS (Permanent Change of Station), the lonely TDYs and during my service, not seeing or talking to my wife for a year.

That being said, I also don’t believe we want retired military governing our Village. Five of the last six Chairs of the BOD have been retired military and we have seen a steady decline to where we are today. Our financial security is in doubt, there’s a palpable division among the Property Owners and we no longer trust our system of government. And, like the military, the Property Owners were not allowed a voice in the decision to “adopt” the CMP.

I don’t say that because I dislike military retirees–I am one. I say it because we aren’t trained to listen to dissenting voices or to do what the majority wants, or to disobey orders or to think “outside the box”. But, I believe, most importantly we aren’t trained to raise money. In the military we’re trained to spend every cent in our budget, if we didn’t our budget would be cut next year by the amount we didn’t spend. We also didn’t have to raise the money for our budgets, it came from somewhere “up above” our grade.

I don’t know if Frank considers me a good guy or not but I try to be aboveboard and upfront about my intentions. I believe John Weidert when he says “Because, had it not been for me being the deciding vote, we would not have the CMP.” There’s enough blame to go around and he deserves his share. Don’t forget though, the CEO considers it “her plan”.

I thought the “Amendment Vote” of November 2018 would wake up the CEO & BOD, but nothing changed. Now I see some major corrections have been made since we have a new, primarily civilian trained BOD. Is that a coincidence?—Gene


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