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Don’t bail out

by Ken Phillis, September 4, 2019

Now is not the time to quit

Don’t bail out……yes a couple of the four engines are belching smoke but it’s not time to quit. Keep flying this thing to a safe landing. Yes, the Villagers fell asleep at the wheel and foolishly trusted the management of the Village, however, they have awoken. A groundswell is emerging because of a group of people who have dug in their heels and said….”Enough of this strong arm, backdoor management, no transparency and the latest crushing of free speech. How dare we Villagers point out the failed management. How dare we point out the failure of the BOD to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to the property owners. How dare we speak up!! Those who, last year, started speaking up and providing facts…yes facts, have withstood the names we were called. Despite the insinuations and condescending comments by the supporters of a failed regime….we have stood our ground.

There has been great harm because we were asleep

More and more property owners are now understanding the bamboozle, and the realization of the lies and underhanded maneuvers carried on by the CEO and her group. The cramming of the CMP down our throats despite the majority do not want it. We are told we are harming the Village because we are telling the truth. There is and has been great harm done because the Villagers were asleep.

Now they want millions for Balboa

We are in this fight because we love the Village. Forty-eight hours before the new BOD members were to take their position the “old” BOD extended the CEO’s contract. They also pushed through the pool project which we can’t afford. Those who were against it were not against a pool….we were against doing it at this time. We’re swimming in red ink yet they did it anyway. Now they want to raise millions for the Balboa project. How? With an assessment…..how else?

Moving money from checking & putting it in reserve is smoke and mirrors

Do you remember when HSV management said they put 1.5 million into the reserve fund earlier this year as a way to imply HSV finances are in good condition? Many of you thought this information meant HSV’s financial status is good……that was the idea. That’s what they wanted you to think. The statement was true regarding 1.5 million being added to the reserve fund, however, it did not explain the source of the money. The truth is management uses a category they track called cash and cash equivalents……it’s in the financial report. The HSV reserve fund was already low before the transfer. Moving money from checking and putting it into the reserve fund is smoke and mirrors. If I have $10 in my right pocket (reserve fund) and $20 dollars in my left pocket (checking/savings), removing the $20 dollars from the left pocket (checking/savings) and putting it in my right pocket (reserve fund) doesn’t increase the amount of money I actually have. I still have only $30 dollars.

This is the nonsense our management is pulling.

How dare the peasants ask questions

Do you all realize the severity of the situation regarding our rights as property owners? When a CEO can decide they don’t like what board members are doing because they are making the job “difficult” so a grievance is filed to remove them…and let’s be honest…that is the intent. These two BOD members are simply watching our backs and the CEO doesn’t like it. Shame on the rest of the BOD members for allowing such shenanigans. Free speech? Free thoughts and discussion? Not here in the Village. Summon the police! Silence the culprit….how dare the peasants to ask questions. How dare they point out the flaws and failures of management. The dictator has spoken.

We are at a tipping point

We are at a tipping point If the dictator gets away with what is happening, the CMP will be crammed down our throats lock stock and barrel. Property owners will have zero say in what is being done to us. The BOD must take back their rightful position as the managers of the Village. THEY are the ones who SHOULD be telling the self-appointed CEO what to do….not the other way around as it is now.

We must continue the fight

We property owners MUST continue the fight. We must rid this community of the CEO (and the title….should be a GM), and vote in a BOD with a backbone.

An anonymous comment is worth absolutely nothing

As an aside…..any anonymous comment is worth nothing…..absolutely nothing. If you don’t have the fortitude to place your name on a comment then it is either such a lame post you are embarrassed about it, or not willing to really make a stand for what you believe to be the right path.  

Ken Phillis, September 4, 2019

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