By Julie, November 18, 2019

Cheryl’s note: Julie posted the comment below on November 18, 2019, on Frank Leeming’s article. I thought it was a great comment, so I made it into a post. I don’t think Julie will mind, as it was already posted publicly on this website.

Julie said:

“Do not be intimidated by these fops and fools. There is nothing they can do to stop the recording of the meeting. Nothing.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act means that anyone with a hearing deficiency can put their hearing aide microphone anywhere they need it to be. There is nothing they can do to stop this and nothing that says what is being picked up by mic can not be recorded.

“Nothing would prevent everyone from simply hitting record on their smartphones and putting them in their pockets.

“Nothing would stop anyone from putting a shotgun mic in their hat and recording the whole thing.

“Nothing would stop anyone from bringing a laptop computer and using its recorder to record the meeting.

“Nothing would stop a stenographer with a pencil and a pad from “recording” the whole meeting.

“Nothing would prevent anyone from having an attorney present while the “ceo” and the POA Board tried to prevent any of the above.

“Nothing would prevent anyone from getting rich by suing the “ceo” and the POA Board for denying them the right to record the meeting.

“If the people of HSV accept these insane demands from the “ceo” and the POA Board, then they only have themselves to blame as HSV continues to slide further and further downhill.

“This would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging. I feel like I woke up in Cuba or Hong Kong. Not HSV.


“Take a stand.

“Let the recording begin.”

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