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HSV – A Sign of the Times?

Written by Julie, February 24, 2020

Maybe we should fix the place up a bit before we spend 5K each on signs telling people how to get to places. Just a thought.

Here are some waykeeping sign suggestions:

Cocktail Pool Ahead – only open 3 months – $7 a swim. No diving.

Trail Ahead – May be closed if Cooper Property Sold.
Wear your boots. Not maintained. Very rough.

Grocery Store Ahead – no, wait, no one would build one for us. Sorry.

Starbucks Ahead – in your dreams.

Balboa Beach Ahead – May be too filled with townies for day use.

Marina Ahead. Just no building. Sorry.

Cortez Beach Ahead – May be closed to public if sold.

POA Subsidized Restaurant Ahead – we don’t even eat there.

Vibrant Town Center Ahead – no, wait, we ran out of money. Sorry.

Crosswalk Ahead – No, wait, we can’t decide where to put it. Never mind.

Pocket Neighborhoods Ahead – Affordable, connected, joyous, high density. Perfect.

Coronado Center Ahead – Not sure why you would want to know where it is. No one uses it. Rent is too high. Never mind.

Bike Lane Ahead – does not comply with state regulations. Pedal at your own risk.

Mountain Bike Trail Ahead – goes all around our drinking water lake. Feeling hot? Take a dip. No one is watching.

Manned Security Gate Ahead – password is open sesame.

Police Station Ahead – Please do not report gate crashers, tailgaters, or trespassers. There is nothing we can do.

Toll Road Ahead – how else do you expect us to fix the culverts?

POA Secret Meeting Ahead – time and place not furnished.


Last name withheld…due to fear of repercussions from LN

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