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Chaos in the Village – be the solution

Chaos in the Village

For the better part of two (2) years now, there has been utter Chaos in our Village.  Concerns that initiated with the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) have evolved into significant worries about the actual welfare of our beautiful Village.  There is a lot of talk via social media, regarding the concerns, issues that have been brought to light, and what is behind these issues.

First and foremost, we all need to become enlightened to what is truly an issue and what is simply a rumor.  Rumors harm, however, true facts enlighten everyone. There are some, who for whatever reason, have buried their collective heads in the sand and try to downplay the issues before us.  Thankfully, there are many others who are working diligently to not just bring the issues to light but to find workable solutions. 

What can Villagers do about any of this?

I believe there is much we can do to help reduce the chaos.  First, we must become informed. What are the real issues? what are the serious issues?  Secondly, we can begin to serve our community in a variety of ways. We can use our vote as our voice, as demonstrated by the last election and by the vote on the Declaration changes that were proposed. We cannot become complacent ever again.  Retirement doesn’t mean we stop paying attention to what’s happening around us. Thirdly, we become active on every committee in the Village.

Why would I want to be on a Committee?

Yes, I have heard all the reasons for not becoming a committee member.   Among those reasons:

  • “I work and can’t attend meetings,”
  • “The committees are run by LN’s people,” and
  • “They won’t listen to me.” 

The only valid reason listed here is, “I’m working and not available during times they meet”. If we want to truly affect change in the Village we have to start with the committees.  Even if we elect board members who feel about the CMP and the current changes as many of us do, they can’t do everything alone. They take the recommendations that come out of these committees as they should.  If we have like-minded people on the Committee’s we can affect those recommendations thus assisting the BOD in making choices that help strengthen and promote the Village appropriately.

Finding our Voice

Will this happen the day after you join a committee? NO.  But with each successful replacement of Committee members that bring a unifying voice, the more successful we will be in getting good recommendations and not just rubber-stamping of the CMP. Fill out an application for one of the nine (9) committees or four (4) ad hoc committees that you feel you can make a difference on.  Talk to the Committee Chairperson.

 Remember not all of the CMP is bad.  Some of it, especially in regards to maintenance, makes sense, but we need to be sure those who are on the committees will help steer the Board Directors in approving the good parts and finding alternative solutions for the bad.  If you can’t find your way to being active on the committees, then try attending them. Become vocal at the committee level so that the committee members hear us and know what we agree with and if we don’t agree, what solutions we can offer.  It does absolutely no good to complain loudly on social network sites day after day, expecting someone else to do something about it.  

This is an opinion piece.

by Cheri Nelson, August 15, 2019

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Photograph of an excerpt from The Village Digest encouraging committee participation

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